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Share Your Story To Be Heard

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Share Your Story

I will have some stories published here shortly! Keep an eye out for it.

In here, you will see people (deaf and hearing) share their stories.

We want your stories that support and celebrate the deaf community and focus on spreading awareness about the importance of sign language.

Sign language is not a privilege, it is a right.


There is no ONE way to be deaf, just like there is no one way to be hearing. The deaf community is diverse, vibrant and LOUD. Hearing people have their own native languages and in the deaf community, our native language is sign language. Most often, sign language has been viewed as an option for deaf people, when they should be treated as their native language. With sign language, everything else like learning how to speak will be picked up faster and easier. Many deaf people can’t hear, but they gained so much from it. Hence, if you pay attention and not focus on the ability to hear part, you will see that.

Having the ability to really immerse yourself in the deaf community, culture and their history are amazing. Not many people have that chance. So, I encourage people from the deaf community or people that are really fascinated with sign language to share their stories, whether a beautiful positive story or a story that show their struggles being pushed to the side. So, people like YOU will learn something new and be inspired. Perhaps you would want to learn sign language and/or meet a deaf person.

Let’s reframe the deaf community together!


Topics can range from deafness, CODA (children of deaf adults), sign language, being bilingual/bicultural, deaf awareness, raising a deaf/hearing child as a deaf parent, interpreting for the deaf, toys/gifts for deaf kids or CODAs, sign language activities for kids, baby sign language, deaf identity, breaking down the deaf barriers, deaf friendly terms, etc.


Do you have ANY story to share with us? Please use the contact form below to let me know what you would like to write about!

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