Need some Valentine’s Day gift ideas? How about gifts and/or cards in sign language?! Here are my Valentine’s Day ASL gift ideas. Top left to right: Let someone know that they are CHAMP! with this fun CHAMPS! shirt. Send out this unique fingerspelled HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY cards to your family/friends. This rustic hand stamped necklace can be for women AND men. Center left to right: This ASL ILY hand sign embroidery is just lovely! Gift this FRIENDS picture frame with the best picture of you and your friend inside. Bottom left to right: Tell

Being a new mother is tough yet it is tougher being a new Deaf mother when you are not prepared. There were a few situations I did not foresee about being a Deaf mom when I had Coral more than three years ago. Here’s a little bit of my story and the gift guide for new deaf parents! There are countless checklists for first-time parents in the books, on the Internet and from loved ones. I bought a few books and bookmarked web pages. I read up on nearly everything.

Do you know a deaf person? Maybe a sign language interpreter? How about a person that has a deaf family member or friend, a person that takes sign language classes, a person that is obsessed with TV shows that show deaf people, or just someone that really love the idea of sign language. American sign language (ASL) is a beautiful visual language, so why not display or show off the language by gifting someone an item from below for the holidays? The majority of the gifts below are from Etsy,

Today I will share the amazing ASL gift ideas for babies and children. Do you still have some holiday shopping to do? How about these gift ideas? Build and learn at the same time with this (1) ASL Alphabet Blocks. Wear the same top as your little one for the holidays with (2) Mommy and Me Tees (I Love You). Decorate your kid’s room with (3) ASL Alphabet Garland to sign the alphabet together. (4) ILY Hand Shape Pillow. Develop many skills such as fine motor skill, cognitive skill, and hand-eye coordination with this

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