Here is my Back To School ASL items for your kids! Are your kids back in school already? My daughter, Coral is in Kindergarten this year! If your kids are not back in school yet and you still need to do some more shopping, check this back to school edition guide out! I found a number of really cool products while searching for stuff online and thought I should do a back to school edition! The products are either shown in sign language and/or being sold by deaf-owned businesses. 1.

As a mother, the thought of needing to explain to my children about deafness/hearing loss never once crossed my mind. I assumed that the knowledge of deafness/hearing loss would come naturally as they were raised by Deaf parents strictly in American Sign Language. To my surprise, that did not happen. From a young age my daughter, Coral believed that her parents could hear her. She would yell for us from another room. Sometimes, we happened to go to wherever she was by coincidence and sometimes we didn’t. She never really

When Mommy Gone Tropical came to life, I had no idea how much work it would be. How much learning I needed to do in order to simply START. Then to grow and start collaborating with companies. Learning how to defeat my first writing block. Then to bring my blog to the next level then the next level and so on. I assumed that it would be as straightforward as creating posts then promoting my latest blog posts. I expected that my blog will flourish from there. Boy, how wrong I was. Very

Deaf parents, myself included, get asked this question, “How do deaf parents hear their baby cry?” all the time. To my surprise, it is also so common that it shows up in Google search suggestions when you type, “How do deaf parents…” The very first search suggestion is how do deaf parents hear a baby cry. If I type in, “How do parents…” It shows filing taxes, monitoring kids’ screen time and such. That is a vast difference between deaf parents and typical parents. I was surprised because I assumed that

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