Salt dough projects are popular these days! I would know because I’ve made a couple like these sea salt dough ornaments and this salt dough family tree ornament for Christmas. I will show you how to make this salt dough ball garland because it is so easy! I’ve never really seen any salt dough projects that had the marbled effect, so I thought I’d do one! This marbled salt dough ball project doesn’t have to be just for a garland, it can be a bracelet, necklace, or whatever you can think of!

Today, I will show you how to make a personalized pennant flag out of cardboard and fabric! This personalized pennant flag took me 15 minutes to make and that includes cutting the letters. You should already have all the items needed for this project around the house. You will only need FIVE items to make your own personalized pennant flag! What you need: Yarn (string, rope or whichever you prefer). Hot glue gun A sharp scissor Two contrasting fabrics of your choice A cardboard piece (from cardboard boxes, cardboard poster,

Did I just say a shopping cart made me Deaf? Yes, I sure did. Here is the story. Few days before Halloween at merely sixteen months old, I licked a shopping cart, among a number of other germy things I put in my mouth. I had flu-like symptoms (listless, crankiness, fever, vomiting). Everyone in the household was sick with the flu, so my mom assumed I had the flu. However, she realized I started to show different symptoms. I was becoming more and more lethargic and my neck became stiff. My

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