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Welcome to Mommy Gone Tropical!

I am Elizabeth.

In love with Mr. Tropical for 12 years. Stay at home mommy to Coral, 6 years old & Ocean, 1.5 years old by day, blogger by night. We live in Sarasota, Florida. Lastly, I am Deaf.

I write about my journey navigating through life as a Deaf mom to two hearing children. I spread awareness about deafness and the importance of sign language. Along the way, I share plenty of tips about motherhood, DIY tutorials, arts & crafts, recipes, products I absolutely love, and lastly our family adventures down in Florida.

If you’ve read through a number of posts over at Mommy Gone Tropical, you will find that it is not your typical mom lifestyle blog!

Mr. Tropical and I rely on American Sign Language to communicate. We don’t use hearing aids/cochlear implants nor do we speak. Our children (CODAs) are hearing and bilingual in ASL & English. I became deaf at sixteen months old, read more about that here.


The Deaf community will always need allies… Want to be an ally? Find out what you could do with your part as an ally here!


My motto in life: Never stop questioning.

Some things I love: Coffee, always coffee. Sunshine. Nature. Dogs. Seashells. Cooking & baking. Essential Oils. Gardening. Quotes. Make things. Design. Lemons. Photography. Mexican candy. Braided hair. A clean, simple and loving home.

Now, here we are, 12 years together with two children, a mortgage, and a dog.

I hope you will enjoy following me along on my journey!


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