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Enhance Your Children's Education With MypicturE Nursery Rhymes • Mommy Gone Tropical

Enhance Your Children’s Education With MypicturE Nursery Rhymes

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Do you know that nursery rhymes and songs are beneficial to your hearing and deaf children’s education?

Not only that but there are ways to make nursery rhymes and songs even more fun and educational.


Firstly, I will share some of the benefits of introducing your children to nursery rhymes and songs.

  • Nursery rhymes and songs help children to develop their language and communication skills.
  • Expand their vocabulary because there are many words that do not get used in our everyday language.
  • The nursery rhyme sentences are easy to learn and memorize, so they are developing the building blocks for speaking and reading.
  • Learn about poetry like how it flows or the rhythm of it.
  • Develop language comprehension by associating words with people, objects, and events in their daily life.
  • Improve their mathematical skills.

Now, there are several ways to make nursery rhymes and songs fun and educational for your children.

The first and common way is singing and/or signing the nursery rhymes and songs to your children. While doing so, play with language… change the words up in the rhymes or even the names of the characters to make it personal to your family.

There are YouTube channels dedicated to rhymes and rhythms strictly in ASL to make it accessible for Deaf/signing children, but it does benefit hearing children as well. The ASL rhyme and rhythmic songs offer visual imagery through dramatic interpretation!

There are also many nursery rhyme books to read with your children to develop strong pre-reading skills.

Use props like costumes, puppets, or others to support the nursery rhymes and songs.

Draw and/or paint pictures of what reminds them of the nursery rhymes and songs.

There are also apps that you could download…

Do you know that nursery rhymes and songs are beneficial to your children's education? The app, MypicturE allows you to sing and sign along with your kids.

The MypicturE Nursery Rhymes app team reached out to me asking me to check their app out and share our experience.

I was excited about it because my kids LOVE nursery rhymes. The MypicturE Nursery Rhymes app was created by a mom who was inspired by her 1.5 years old daughter!

Since I love to be involved with my children’s education, I’ve asked them beforehand if the videos would be subtitled. Sure enough, their nursery rhymes have the lyrics included, so I could SIGN along with my kids!

Since I am a Deaf mom, I have to have the captions on all the time. I learned how to read at a young age by being constantly exposed to the subtitles and captions. My kids are already accustomed to it by now. There were times that I would have the TV on mute, my kids would still watch the shows with the captions on. It helps my kids to improve pre-reading and reading skills, so the app offers an additional benefit by including the lyrics.

At large, MypicturE Nursery Rhymes app can promote children’s engagement. When children see themselves on the screen, they will pay more attention to the nursery rhyme, and thus they could learn from it to a greater extent than from generic nursery rhymes. – Thrive Global

Do you know that nursery rhymes and songs are beneficial to your children's education? The app, MypicturE allows you to sing and sign along with your kids.

I have to say that this app is my favorite just because MypicturE Nursery Rhymes app allows you to personalize your own sing and sign along adventure by snapping or uploading your child’s face and have them be the center of the attention!

My son’s favorite song is “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” My daughter loves “Ring Around the Rosie.” So, they get excited when they see themselves in their favorite nursery rhymes.

In addition to that, you could choose your child’s hair color to further personalize your nursery rhymes! The app also can be used offline, so your child can be the star anytime anywhere.

I love to switch the ways up to make sure that it continues being fun and educational. Lately, we have been using this app, MypicturE Nursery Rhymes a lot because they get to see themselves in the nursery rhymes!

Do you enhance your children’s education with nursery rhymes and songs? If so, what do you do?

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  1. Great tips for parents and it is very effective and handy. especially that you are using the gadgets.

  2. I so enjoyed your post and your video on Facebook signing the story. My daughter took ASL in high school for 2 years and I wish I would take the time to learn more.

  3. Higher studies have changed totally as compared to the 20th century. You explain it briefly but I think the advantages of technologies role is so important in all that changes. Through technologies, the attitude of professors and teachers change. And the student prefers practical more than reading. You did a great job. Keep it up!

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