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How To Conquer Packing For A Road Trip With Kids • Mommy Gone Tropical

How To Conquer Packing For A Road Trip With Kids

While packing for a road trip with kids, ensure everyone seated is comfortable, have their items stored away safely & are accessible if an emergency arises. #roadtrip #essentials #roadtripwithkids |

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In the earlier post of this series, I shared how to best prepare your family for an upcoming road trip. You need to be mentally prepared for the meltdowns, frequent stops, emergencies and knowing that you need extra time for everything.

How you pack the car used for the road trip is utmost important.

You need to make sure everyone in the vehicle is comfortable, have their favorite items stored away safely, not having anything go missing in the middle of the road trip and be able to grab it quickly when an emergency arises.

I searched online a lot, especially on Pinterest for creative tips/hacks to utilize in our car. We used our 2018 CR-V for the road trip. My favorite car this far. The back seat could fit two bulky car seats and I could sit in the middle between the car seats.

There were plenty of suggestions online about organizing the car, however, there were many that had to be purchased.

We had a lot of money budgeted for the trip so we wanted to make sure we don’t spend much on the car necessities.

While packing for a road trip with kids, ensure everyone seated is comfortable, have their items stored away safely & are accessible if an emergency arises. #roadtrip #essentials #roadtripwithkids |

Before you get started with packing, have the car checked and make sure it has everything needed to sustain a long distance round trip.

Recently had its oil changed? How are the tires? Are the regular maintenances up to date?

I recommend you to pack the car several days before. So, you wouldn’t be jamming the car at the last minute. Have the suitcases, toys & activities, and car necessities ready ahead of time. You should be fine doing the snacks the night before or the day of the road trip. I will cover the quick and healthy snack ideas and toy and activity ideas in this series, so stay tuned!

Since the messes are inevitable, I covered the back seat with a big beach towel. When we returned back home from the road trip, I removed the towel and simply shook it off outside. It saved me from having to vacuum the crumbs left behind by the kids.


I got this over the door shoe organizer and cut it in half. I put the bottom half underneath Ocean’s car seat to hide brand new toys in case of meltdowns. The top half with the holes was behind the driver’s seat originally, however we removed it at the last minute. It felt crowded especially when the driver’s seat is fully back closer to the back seat (Mr. Tropical is tall). I really wanted this one to work because I was excited about storing some of Coral’s toys there. However, it wasn’t happening because I didn’t want Coral to feel cramped.

I placed the storage bin converted from a diaper box in the backseat between both car seats. The storage bin held toys, books, coloring books, kids’ snacks, and empty snack containers. I loved the storage bin!

Creative ways to save space in the car and keep it organized:

  • Put blankets, travel pillows, and flip-flops under the driver and the passenger seats. I also put our jackets down there so if you have some space, I’d suggest you to do the same. It helps to clear the floor in the car and having things in their place.
  • If you are bringing a stroller, use a stretch cord with carabiner hooks to hold the stroller’s side upright against the backseat so you’d have more room and better access to your suitcases. This is one of my favorite tricks.
  • I used carabiner hooks to attach onto the headrest an umbrella, a grocery bag with a bunch of plastic grocery bags in it and the diaper bag to make them easily accessible.
  • I had a grocery bag readily available right by me and put trash in it. I toss the trash bag at every stop.

While packing for a road trip with kids, ensure everyone seated is comfortable, have their items stored away safely & are accessible if an emergency arises. #roadtrip #essentials #roadtripwithkids |

You should have these in the car if not already:

  • car insurance info
  • paper towels
  • cleaning wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • plastic grocery bags (for trash)
  • ziploc bags
  • first aid kit (I had band-aids, children’s meds, gauze, and Neosporin in a mini cloth bag)
  • a flashlight
  • toothpicks
  • gum and mint
  • kleenex
  • umbrella
  • coins and/or dollars for tolls
  • extra chargers for phones/cameras

In the diaper bag in addition to what you normally have in it:

  • extra socks
  • mittens and beanies (if it is cold where you’re going)
  • pain meds
  • several plastic grocery bags
  • hand wipes
  • extra diapers and wipes
  • pen & paper

While packing for a road trip with kids, ensure everyone seated is comfortable, have their items stored away safely & are accessible if an emergency arises. #roadtrip #essentials #roadtripwithkids |

We brought three suitcases, one big and two small ones. Our vacation was a week and a half and we were a part of my brother’s wedding. The big one stored Mr. Tropical and I’s clothes while one of the small ones had the kids’ clothes. Another small one had our toiletries.

Since the stroller’s side is attached upright against the backseat, I was able to place the big suitcase on the floor in the back with one of the smaller suitcases atop. Then the toiletries one stood beside the big suitcase. We also took a case of water bottles. That’s all we had in the back.

I can’t really share about what was in the suitcases because we weren’t organized in this part. Whoops! So, pack the suitcases whatever you’d like or you could use these tips. If I was flying or just needed to reduce the number of suitcases to take along, I’d pack smarter!

I had the toiletries separately in Ziploc bags in case of spills. Since we didn’t fly, I took our full-sized shampoo/conditioner, soap, etc.

When in doubt, just pack it in!

While packing for a road trip with kids, ensure everyone seated is comfortable, have their items stored away safely & are accessible if an emergency arises. #roadtrip #essentials #roadtripwithkids |

What is your go-to packing for a road trip with kids tip for traveling?


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  1. Kathryn says:

    We take road trips a lot with our seven kids and planning ahead is huge. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Tamara says:

    I always start my leaving early and have a running packing list I can refer to.

  3. Charlotte says:

    I write a list of everything I need and pack the day before. I never leave it until last minute because I know I will end up forgetting something. Thanks for the great tips!

  4. Marcie says:

    I totally agree about trying to pack the car ahead of time. We also forget major things when we’re rushed and then we have to take time to stop at stores to find specific things. Ugh.

  5. Adekola says:

    I have fallen a victim of this in the past, and that is why i now usually have a list of everything i need for a journey and i usually do my packing a day ahead my trips. thank you for this.
    Adekola recently posted…Best Carry On Bag For PlaneMy Profile

  6. Whenever we travel I always pack the day before our trip, and it was soooo hassle because I always forget something!!! Anw, thanks for these great tips!
    Kyra Rodriguez recently posted…How to Keep Your Trucks in Top ConditionMy Profile

  7. winter is just knocking in the door .specially when you go for a road trip with your kids you need to take some extra precaution especially when you go out with your kids and pets.
    kathrin dsouja recently posted…Top 15 Best front and rear dash cam reviews of 2018My Profile

  8. Jennifer says:

    Very helpful article! I think shoes would also be important, they make and break our activities on the trip. I always have an emergency pair of shoes in case my shoes get extremely wet or dirty. For the kids too!

  9. Reese R. says:

    Great article! I like the idea to pack the car early. I always find myself scrambling to get everything packed and loaded on the day of the trip. Thanks for the awesome tips!
    Reese R. recently posted…Making Time For Me As A MommyMy Profile

  10. Zar Santos says:

    So true! Preparing in advance really helps A LOT. Sometimes we might end up bringing too much but that’s better than being not prepared.
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  11. vidhan says:

    Thanks for such a great article….
    Comfortable car seats for kids, adapted for their age. …
    Car seat organizer.
    Extra diapers/wipes/clothes/quiet toys for the youngest ones

  12. jerry says:

    it impressed to me ,thanks for the sharing with us

  13. Home Page says:

    Really that’s a very helpful article, nowadays it’s most important
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  14. Packing is really a challenging job for parents when going on a road trip. I have a checklist myself to make sure I don’t forget anything.

  15. These are some great tips! Thank you for taking out your time and writing this post.
    Sophia William recently posted…Tips For Travelling With A Baby In A TaxiMy Profile

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