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How A Deaf Mom Blogger Challenged The Language Barrier • Mommy Gone Tropical

How A Deaf Mom Blogger Challenged The Language Barrier

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When Mommy Gone Tropical came to life, I had no idea how much work it would be. How much learning I needed to do in order to simply START. Then to grow and start collaborating with companies. Learning how to defeat my first writing block. Then to bring my blog to the next level then the next level and so on.

I assumed that it would be as straightforward as creating posts then promoting my latest blog posts. I expected that my blog will flourish from there.

Boy, how wrong I was. Very wrong! Blogging is a FULL-TIME JOB!

In addition to the things above, I had to truly understand the blogging world. I had no clue that I would have to deal with any barriers that came with blogging.

With that being said, one barrier that stood out to me was the LANGUAGE barrier. I was astonished that I had to overcome a lack of accessibility online.

Surprisingly, blogging was not solely about words. There were workshops/webinars, Facebook Live sessions, video courses, PowerPoint presentations. FREQUENTLY WITHOUT SUBTITLES OR NOTES. That baffled me to no end.

As a mom, my time was limited. I needed to utilize my time blogging, not figuring out how to get around the language barrier to find exactly what I was looking for.

It is super-duper exciting that blogging is becoming wildly popular. There are many new ways to utilize a blog such as promoting your shop, your YouTube channel, sharing your life story, directing people to your podcast, spreading awareness about something, and so on. There are also many new ways to take advantage of all the platforms to promote your blog.

As you know, I experience a language barrier in my daily life. At the same time, that’s something that I already had a number of solutions for such as writing notes back and forth, using gestures, texting, and so on.

On the internet in general, there is still a language barrier but much less than what I had to experience in my daily life since nearly everything is typed down. However, in the blogging world, the new ways to promote your blog are becoming difficult for people like me to be involved.

Over 5% of the world population has hearing loss! I only know of a handful of deaf people blogging professionally.

I had also discovered that the majority of people watch videos on mute. So, that means a lot of people do not or cannot turn on the audio for whatever reason. The subtitles also help people who do not speak your language fluently. Some people process information differently like people with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), therefore they prefer to read. It helps with note-taking as well. Subtitles can also help people catch all of the dialogue that they may have missed due to the noise around. People are more likely to complete a video if it is subtitled.

You do not want to exclude millions of people from your blog and people do not want to feel excluded from your blog!

There is a HUGE audience you will NEVER reach by simply not including the subtitles.

I am positive that if most bloggers make their e-courses, podcasts, and videos accessible to the deaf community providing no language barrier, there will be many more deaf bloggers out there. This is a win-win situation.

I’m truly appreciative of the blog support groups that are there for you through thin and thick. Whenever I needed something, they were there in an instant to answer my question even if it was a silly one.

Yet, there were times when I couldn’t partake in the workshops/webinars, in a Facebook Live session, listen to podcasts or take up courses/classes shared in the blog support groups because they weren’t subtitled.

I brought up this issue with the groups and with some bloggers I admired. Some would thank me for bringing this issue up and they will include the subtitles from now on. Some did not respond back to my messages.

For instance, there was a time when a number of bloggers collaborated together to create a huge toolkit bundle with countless of ebooks, e-courses, videos, and PDFs of the valuable information to help perfect your blog. ALL IN ONE BUNDLE! I was ecstatic about that because if I purchased the bundle, it would be $97 instead of over $3k worth of VALUABLE blogging information.

There wasn’t any information about what format the content would be delivered in or if it would even include the subtitles. So, I reached out to people who had already purchased the bundle. Of course, the bundle is full of videos and PowerPoint presentations without the subtitles/notes. I decided to ask the bloggers who released the bundle about this issue to see if we could work out a solution. I never received a reply back from the bloggers even after contacting them a number of times. So, I had to skip out on the huge toolkit bundle which would really help make my blog even better.

Adding the subtitles or attaching your notes are so simple and easy. This one simple and easy thing will pull in a bigger audience reach!

Who wouldn’t want a bigger audience reach?!

A Deaf mom blogger challenged the language barrier in the blogging world. Find out why the subtitles is a MUST! Click To Tweet

Oftentimes, I had to reach out and request their materials to be subtitled. There are at least 440 million blogs in the world. Obviously, I cannot reach out to all those who use videos, podcasts, Facebook Live sessions, presentations, e-courses, and other ways to include the subtitles by myself.

This is why I decided to create this blog post to spread awareness about the importance of subtitles to break down the language barrier for all those who need access to the valuable information.

What do you think would help solve or at least improve this language barrier?

Do you have a favorite deaf blogger? I would love to know more deaf bloggers!

How a Deaf mom blogger challenged the language barrier in the blogging world by Mommy Gone Tropical

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How a Deaf mom blogger challenged the language barrier by doing this...

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14 Discussion to this post

  1. Darcey says:

    I just shared your post because I think awareness is so important. I’m sorry about the situation with the blog bundle. That’s really frustrating. Blogging can sometimes be a challenge when things aren’t accessible. I have a visual impairment and so much of blogging and social media these days are based on photos and infographics or videos that show text with no audio. I’d love to use Pinterest to promote my blog and connect with other bloggers, but it’s inaccessible to me for the most part. I can definitely empathize with you even though our experiences are not exactly the same.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thank you for sharing! I agree so much of things online are visual. I wonder how can I make my blog more accessible to people with visual impairments? Thank you for your comment! <3

      • Darcey says:

        The only thing I do is add a small description to each photo in the alt tag when I upload it. I use the WordPress app on my phone to post entries and it’s easy to add descriptions as there’s an edit option when you click on the photo. I can’t speak for others but that’s what helps me. Searching for photos for my blog is always a chore, but I’ve found a couple of stock photo sites with pretty good descriptions. Thanks for asking. 🙂

  2. Marina says:

    Thank you for sharing. Will add subtitles to my videos from now on, I promise x

  3. What a great post and very valid point. I love that you wrote this post to bring awareness. Thank you for sharing to add subtitles.

  4. You have such a kind way of sharing awareness to this issue, I will admit even though I know ASL and have friends/family that are deaf I have not thought about what it must be like on a daily basis. I don’t do youtube videos, but I do lots of Instagram stories and I now understand the vowel of making my content available for everyone!

  5. I don’t create many videos but will certainly subtitle if I do in the future. Such an important aspect that many overlook!

  6. This is such an important issue! I’m so sorry about the bundle situation, I think it’s really rude that they did not respond at all. I don’t do videos, but if I did I’d subtitle them for sure. Apart from blogger, I work as a teacher and I teach ESL in Spain. I like to play Youtube videos for them and it’s a problem when they don’t have subtitles, because my students have a hard time understanding so there’s a lot of people who could benefit from subtitles.
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