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Useful Gift Guide For New Deaf Parents • Mommy Gone Tropical

Useful Gift Guide For New Deaf Parents

Useful Gift Guide for New Deaf Parents from a simple rear facing mirror to a vibrating alarm clock. #deafparents #deaf #deafness

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Being a new mother is tough yet it is tougher being a new Deaf mother when you are not prepared.

There were a few situations I did not foresee about being a Deaf mom when I had Coral more than three years ago.

Here’s a little bit of my story and the gift guide for new deaf parents!

There are countless checklists for first-time parents in the books, on the Internet and from loved ones. I bought a few books and bookmarked web pages. I read up on nearly everything. You can never be over-prepared.

I stuffed extras of everything into my hospital bag. I organized the nursery with the items I thought Coral would need. The crib with an adorable underwater themed mobile was set up in the nursery. I installed the car seat base in the middle of the back seat.

After a long grueling 24 hours labor, I gave birth to Coral at nighttime. We moved to the recovery room late in the night. My partner and I previously agreed that Coral will remain in the room with us and not being put in the nursery. We looked at each other and realized we could not go to sleep.

How will we hear Coral cry if we go to sleep?

I realized I was not prepared… A new mother, yes but a new Deaf mother? Nope.

It was tough being a new mother but even tougher as a Deaf mother. I did not expect it at all until it was too late... Click To Tweet

We concluded that we both will take two-hour shifts, so either one of us could get some sleep. I needed to nurse Coral every two hours anyways. We did this for two long nights until I got discharged from the hospital.

When we went home, we borrowed an old-fashioned baby vibrating monitor from his mother. His mother used it with my partner when he was a baby. Since it was that old, the batteries often run out. It will also vibrate for no reason at all.

Coral slept right next to our bed in her pack n play, so I could keep an eye on her.

There were nights I awoke to a screaming baby and the vibrating monitor turned itself off. The other times she was sound asleep and the monitor kept on vibrating.

Not something a sleep-deprived mother with a newborn want to go through.

I decided to ask around about baby monitors for deaf parents and some people urged me to check for a baby signaler for our alarm clock.

We ordered a Baby Cry Signaler to attach to our Sonic Alert SB1000ss Sonic Boom Loud Alarm Clock (We had this already) [UPDATE (5/25/2018) I still highly recommend the baby cry signaler attached to Sonic Alert Alarm Clock!! WORTH THE $$] and placed it under my pillow. Mr. Tropical has a hard time going back to sleep if the entire bed vibrated, so under my pillow worked the best. On his side of the bed, he could feel the vibration just a little bit, but not enough to wake him up. On my side of the bed, I could feel the vibration since it is right under my pillow.

We also bought a clip-on Graco Secure Coverage Digital Baby Monitor [UPDATE (5/25/2018) Graco Baby infantopticsMonitor is no longer in stock. I use Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens instead and it is the BEST!! I cannot say enough about this video monitor. Over 20k reviews and nearly 5 stars. BOOM!] attach to my shirt instead. It had a great battery life and it alerted me of Coral’s crying when it got loud. The levels can be adjusted if you want to be alerted when the baby starts to fuss or full-on cry. It is currently out of stock, so this
VTech DM111 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor With One Parent Unit would be a perfect alternative option.

My baby monitor was a life-saver and I still use it from time to time three years later.

We moved her crib over to our room even though I finally found a vibrating monitor that worked. I knew I would be walking back and forth to check on her regardless the vibrating monitor. Having her sleep in the same room helped a lot when I had mastitis and when I was worried about SIDS. The clean and organized nursery was left unused.

It was difficult to see my baby at nights due to the darkness, so I could not tell if she was crying or sound asleep. The following day, we purchased the Projectables Tropical Fish LED Plug-In Night Light and set it right next to her crib.

It was the time for Coral’s first doctor visit! We got in the car and realized we could not see Coral in the backseat since she was rear facing. So, I sat in the backseat with her instead. After a few weeks of sitting in the backseat, we finally bought a BRICA Baby In-Sight Auto Mirror for in Car Safety.

What about a smart doorbell called Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell? You can go over and install it for the new deaf parent/s. It can be set up to silent, so the baby can sleep and the deaf parents can find out who is at the door through their smartphones. Oh, how I wish I had known about this when Coral was a baby.

If I had to do it all over again, I wish I would have had these products set up and all ready to go.

If you know of an expectant deaf parent or a new deaf parent, the gift ideas here would be perfect since I consider these products essential to new deaf parents.

Useful Gift Guide for New Deaf Parents from a simple rear facing mirror to a vibrating alarm clock. #deafparents #deaf #deafness

Useful Gift Guide for New Deaf Parents from a simple rear facing mirror to a vibrating alarm clock. #deafparents #deaf #deafness
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  1. Hi there,
    I followed you from MBC and subscribed here. Please do the same, thanks! And if you could leave me a comment on a post–I’d be ever so happy!

    I am neither deaf, nor a new parent, but this was a very interesting post. I’m a former Early Childhood Special Education teacher; I taught several students who were either deaf or had hearing loss over the years, And, one of my older cousins is deaf.She was in her teens when I was around 7 or 8 and I so looked up to her. She made me get interested in sign and deaf culture.

    Your blog is lovely! Great colorful, yet clean, design. Can you let me know what theme you are using?


    The Moxie Bee

  2. Amanda says:

    Love it! Great list! I’m actually an interpreter and love hearing about new products! My bff, who is Deaf, is about to get married so I’m sure babies will be just around the corner! I will definitely pass this list on to her!

  3. Dominique says:

    Wow, some of these products look amazing! I am so glad there is technology out there to assist parents – I can’t image what you would do otherwise?? I’m thinking about how you were saying you and your partner did the 2 hour shifts to begin with – thank goodness there are alternatives available!

  4. SHEAN says:

    Thanks for sharing these, Looks like a lot of great ideas…I’ll have to come back & look more closely very soon!:)

  5. This article has been so useful. My daughters partner is deaf and we have been struggling as to what to use to alert him when the baby cries at night. Thank you so much.

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