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6 Reasons Why You Need A Fresh Club Botanic Wreath Delivered • Mommy Gone Tropical

6 Reasons Why You Need A Fresh Club Botanic Wreath Delivered

Club Botanic Wreath

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-- This is a sponsored post. I may have been compensated and/or received a product. However, all opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. --

Are you looking for a wreath, a bouquet or even a subscription service to receive a bouquet or a wreath on a regular basis? Then, read on!

I was thrilled when Club Botanic sent me this GORGEOUS handcrafted Golden Magnolia Wreath made with real and fresh magnolia leaves all the way from San Francisco!


Now I will list 6 reasons why you need a fresh Club Botanic wreath delivered:

Imagine my surprise when I saw a BIG package at my front door shortly after. I did not know what to expect when I open the package. When I was opening the package, the scent of the magnolia leaves filled the living room.

  • Secondly, do you want a fresh fragrance filling up the entire house? Having a fresh wreath or a bouquet delivered by Club Botanic will do that.

    Club Botanic WreathMy Golden Magnolia wreath welcomes me with its scent every time I enter my home. I could not wait to celebrate the holidays with this Golden Magnolia wreath welcoming the guests in with its fragrance. They will probably refuse to leave after the party ends.



There was a note and it reads,

“Thank you for your purchase. Our mission is to bring color, fragrance, and beauty into people’s homes. Our wreaths, handcrafted in San Francisco, are carefully designed to deliver our promise. We are committed to sustainable practices, with a devotion to quality and impeccable customer service. If there is anything more we can do, please let us know. Enjoy your new wreath and live, beautifully, Billy.”

Club Botanic Wreath

  • Thirdly, I was immediately drawn to its beauty and its majestic size of 22″.

    I could already tell that it was a high quality handcrafted wreath. Most of their wreaths are BIG, so they’re so worth it.


  • Fourthly, before I could blink my eyes, the living room floor was covered with the confetti paper.

    The wreath was wrapped with tissue paper and brown confetti paper securely. I was impressed that there were no fallen or broken leaves in the package from traveling across the country. Of course, my daughter Coral saw the confetti paper and the first thing she did was grabbing a handful of it and threw it in the air. Your children will have a positive experience with Club Botanic just like you. What else could you ask for?


We source from American growers to reduce our environmental impact, support local farmers and build communities. We care about the environment, both flora and fauna, therefore we contribute 5% of each purchase to some amazing projects that help animals. – Billy Crawford (Club Botanic)


  • Fifthly, I absolutely love the fact that Club Botanic sources from American growers whenever possible to keep it local and sustainable.

    All materials including the wreath rings are recyclable. They only buy what’s needed to fill orders and they also reuse and repurpose wreath rings and vases! They donate 5% of each purchase to the charities. Read here to see what charities Club Botanic donate to.

Club Botanic Wreath

Allison and Billy

Club Botanic brings color, fragrance and beauty into your home and workplace. In other words, spreading happiness. – Club Botanic

Club Botanic Wreath

  • Sixthly, they sell wreaths, bouquets, garlands, AND they also have a subscription service.

    Club Botanic WreathHow does the subscription service work? Basically, you decide which you prefer (a bouquet subscription or a wreath subscription), schedule the delivery frequency (15, 30, or 60 days) and enjoy your delivery! Read more about the subscription service here.

Club Botanic design the wreaths to last 4-6 weeks, however, there are some that would last much longer than that. Read here to learn how to care for your holiday wreath.

Club Botanic WreathBilly Crawford sent me a Golden Magnolia wreath since he mentioned to me that there are a couple of people keeping their magnolia wreaths for nearly a year! A YEAR! The magnolia leaves dry nicely while pine and cedar will not last more than a season.

Club Botanic Wreath

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Read more about Club Botanic and why you should choose them here.

Want to win a Golden Magnolia Wreath to show off at your Turkey Day party or to kick off the holiday season? Enter over at Instagram!

Which do you prefer a fresh or an artificial wreath/bouquet? Why?

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