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A Quick Review And The Benefits Of Better Toyz • Mommy Gone Tropical

A Quick Review And The Benefits Of Better Toyz

Benefits of Better Toyz

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-- This is a sponsored post. I may have been compensated and/or received a product. However, all opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. --

Can you believe that we have about 44 days left until Christmas? Yes, 44 days!

I know almost all of you guys, including me prefer to purchase the toys from the companies we know and trust. I am sure you also prefer the toys to last a long time and will keep your kid entertained for hours.

Benefits of Better ToyzSo, today I will talk about the company based in Hallandale Beach, FL called Better Toyz. Here is my quick review and the benefits of Better Toyz.

Better Toyz, for Better Play! Our name says it all, and it is the philosophy on which we run our company to make us the best at what we do. Every day brings great opportunitties to make the highest standard of playthings in the market today for you and your child. Being a leader in the world of play, our products fully comply with the strictest of safety standards of the United States and International. – Better Toyz

I love that they believe in the high standard of toys and making sure that they are safe both to the standards of the United States and International.

Better Toyz work with different licenses like Little Tikes, Peppa Pig, Nickelodeon, Sanrio, Sing N Splash, etc.

The brands are available all over the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Mexico, Chile, and Australia.

The list of the stores where the toys are sold are:

  • United States:

Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, Walgreens, Academy Sports, Babies R Us, BJ’s Wholesale, Costco, CVS, JC Penney, Kmart, Kohl’s, Meijer, and Sam’s Club.

  • United Kingdom:

Argos, Debenhams, Hamleys, Tesco, Toys R Us, and Woolworths.

  • Canada:

Costco, Shoppers Drugmart, Toys R Us, Walmart, and Zellers.

  • Germany:


  • New Zealand:

Farmers, Warehouse, and Toyworld.

  • Mexico:

HEB Mexico and Walmart.

  • Chile:

Sodimac and Jumbo.

  • Australia:

Kmart, Target, TGA Unlimited, and Toys R Us.


Better Toyz sent me the Grip n Roll Sensory Balls, a pink Playground Ball, and a pink Glitter Soccer Ball all from Little Tikes to review. When we received the toys, Coral went straight to the pink Playground Ball.



Benefits of the Playground Ball:

Benefits of Better Toyz

You can pick from red, pink, blue or yellow. It is perfect for playing games such as Kick Ball, Dodge Ball, Four Square, etc. It is also easy to grip with its simple textured surface. The age range is 3-6-year-olds. It is a simple classic pink playground ball! If you are looking for a ball to play games, I recommend this Little Tikes Playground Ball!



Benefits of the Grip n Roll Sensory Balls:

Benefits of Better Toyz

Your kid can touch, roll, kick or even squeeze them!

The balls have a textured surface to help your kid catch/grasp them easier.

Benefits of Better Toyz

They are great for playing in the backyard, in the swimming pool or even in the house since they are soft.

Coral loved the Grip n Roll Sensory balls because they are bright, colorful and she enjoyed rubbing the textured surface with her hands. A perfect sensory stimulation. It was fun to roll the balls and see them go in random directions because of the nodules.

The balls are BPA-free and they are rubber, I believe. A big range of age group from 6+ up to 3 years olds but I believe it goes up to adults, actually! I played with the Grip n Roll Sensory balls more than I thought I would.


Benefits of the Glitter Soccer Ball:

Benefits of Better Toyz

You can pick either pink or blue glitter soccer balls.This size 3 glitter soccer ball is perfect for your kid to learn the basics of soccer. It can be played in all weather! Easy to clean and wipe off. If your kid is all about glitter, then this glitter soccer ball is for him/her! It is light-weighted, but it will not move with the wind.

Coral did not really take an interest in kicking the balls, so she did not kick this glitter soccer ball. She preferred to throw it instead.

Benefits of Better Toyz

We built this out of Jumbo Blocks, so Coral could throw the balls through the bottom squares and over the entire thing.

Benefits of Better Toyz

All the balls are durable and well-made. they will last a long time even with the active and rough kids.

I can’t really think of anything negative about those balls because they all serve a purpose and Coral is happy with her new balls! All the balls came at a perfect time since we just converted our garage to become a playroom/man cave/craft room. She absolutely loved the fact that she can throw the balls to her heart’s content as she did not have to worry about breaking anything in the converted garage because the balls are soft enough.

Benefits of Better Toyz

I love that I can put my trust in Better Toyz that they will always hold their toys up to the highest standards.

Your kid will not be disappointed with Better Toyz and their licenses to the toy brands.

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