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How To Make The Best Halloween Bat Garland • Mommy Gone Tropical

How To Make The Best Halloween Bat Garland

  • How to make the best Halloween bat garland with glitter and googly eyes.
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  • Halloween Bat Garland

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For a couple of years of living in my current home, it bothered me that the big wall in my living room was so plain. All other walls were completed with the decorations, but not that big wall. It bothered me even more during the holiday seasons.

Halloween Bat GarlandI decided to make my own long garland to put up on the big wall for Halloween. What should I make?
I pondered on that for several days and decided to make a Halloween bat garland! It is so easy and cheap.

All you need for this activity are the basic items that you should already have in your home.

How to make the best Halloween bat garland, you ask? Well, I will show you how!


Here are the supplies you need to make the best Halloween bat garland.


Halloween Bat GarlandFirstly, fold a piece of any color construction paper in half and sketch the half of a bat. I used a bat cookie cutter to sketch a bigger bat. Cut out the bat you drew. Both wings will and should be exactly the same.


Halloween Bat GarlandFold the black construction papers in half and put the cut-out bat on the top of it and trace. I was able to trace three bats out of one folded construction paper. Trace as many bats as you want. I traced 12 bats. Cut out all the bats with a sharp scissor. This part took me a while to finish.


Use the paper hole punch to punch a hole in the top of all wings. So a bat should have two holes in its wings. Try to make the holes level, so the bats will look straight when it is hung up.

Halloween Bat Garland

If you wish to decorate your bats, do that now. I gave Coral glitter and googly eyes to add to two bats. I poured a lot of school glue on both bats and let her go to town with the jumbo glitter flakes! The googly eyes had sticky adhesives on the back, but they were not strong enough to stay attached. So I applied a bit of white school glue onto the back of both eyes and applied them to the glittery bats. Wait for the googly eyes and the glitter to dry.

Now, grab a LONGGGGGGGGG string and put it down on the floor.

Put the bats near the string to determine what length you want it to be and decide the spacing between the bats.

I decided to put all the plain black bats on the same string and then two glittery googly eyes bats on their own strings and tie them up to the big string. You can just do all the bats on the same string. Whatever you want!

Halloween Bat GarlandOnce you have decided the spacing between the bats, thread the string through the holes and use a little bit of school glue on the string to stick to the back of the bats. This way, the bats will not move when you put it up on the wall.
I tied two small strings to each hole of the glittery googly eyed bats and tied all smaller strings to the big string. Since I have 12 bats, I decided to put the glittery googly eyed bats in between of 3 bats – 4 bats – 3 bats.


Halloween Bat GarlandI absolutely loved this glittery googly eyed bat! So cute, right?! What else is better than glittery bats?

Lastly, I taped the string to the back of the big mirror and the fake faucet thingy that held my Pothos plant. You can use any kind of tape for this or if you prefer to have it up on the wall, the thumbtacks will do.


Halloween Bat Garland

^^^ I love this angle of the bats and the wall decorations! <3 ^^^


Halloween Bat Garland

I loved this activity I did with Coral! Looking back, I think I would have done all the bats including the glittery googly eyed bats on one big string instead of having the glittery googly eyed bats on their own smaller strings.

Other than that, I absolutely love my Halloween garland as one of the DIY fall decorations!

Now, I’m thinking about doing another garland but with skeletons!

What do you think? Going to make one with your kids now? If you plan to make one, please, PLEASE, and please share the pictures with me!

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