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The Piggy Story Review Fuzzytown Die-Cut ArtFolio • Mommy Gone Tropical

The Piggy Story Review Fuzzytown Die-Cut ArtFolio

The Piggy Story Review

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-- This is a sponsored post. I may have been compensated and/or received a product. However, all opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. --

The Piggy Story’s mission is to create simple, fun and affordable products for kids to grow through wonder and imagination.

Here is my The Piggy Story Review on Fuzzytown Die-Cut ArtFolio.

The Piggy Story ReviewToday, the kids are all about television shows, video games, playing on their iPads or their iPhones. The Piggy Story‘s products are designed to capture young imaginations! I agree with their mission and am already actively doing that in my household. I focus on making sure that Coral (3 year-old) has plenty of creative imaginative play time to balance out the screen time. More than any activity, creative imaginative play is the best way to develop kids’ minds, encourage creativity, reflect what they experience in the world around them… More skills developed from creative imaginative play are listed below.

The Piggy Story Review

The Piggy Story Review

My favorite thing about creative imaginative play is when I see Coral flourish when she is forced to really use her brain and be creative with what is in front of her.

For example, The Piggy Story sent me a FuzzyTown Die-Cut ArtFolio. It is the most adorable pink whale I have ever seen! Anyways, I set the ArtFolio in front of Coral and did not say anything. Coral knew to open the velcro closing and was delighted to see the colorful crayons! She pulled a crayon out and started coloring on the white paper.

The Piggy Story Review

The Piggy Story ReviewAfter a while, she handed me a crayon and thought to herself for a bit. She signed, “Mickey Mouse! Draw Mickey Mouse!” I drew Mickey Mouse the best I could (It looks more like a bear, haha). She looked at it and signed, “Eye?” I drew an eye. “More eye?” I drew another eye. You get the idea. She even asked me to draw a waffle then signed that the waffle was crying! Her favorite breakfast food.




The skills developed from creative imaginative play:

  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
  • Empathy
  • Creativity
  • Self-expression
  • Negotiation
  • Communication
  • Goal setting
  • Following rules
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-reliance
  • Social interaction

From one simple pink whale Fuzzytown Die-Cut ArtFolio, Coral is already exhibiting nearly all skills listed above! Just imagine the possibilities your kid will come up with!

Creative play is the best way for kids to discover themselves, starting with learning how to use their fingers, toes and their bodies to their emotions and minds.

Let’s give back the wonder and imagination to our children today and watch what they will create for tomorrow. – The Piggy Story


The Piggy Story ReviewThe Fuzzytown Die-Cut ArtFolio arrived at a perfect time because Coral is starting to become cranky and bored when we go out to the restaurants and they do not have anything for her to play with. Also, we are going on a road trip next month! I am already looking forward to the road trip just so she could keep herself busy by drawing to her heart’s content.

Keep little ones entertained during those long road trips with this adorable animal die-cut ArtFolio. Sturdy handles and a durable carrying case house a collection of 12 crayons and and a drawing pad full of unlined paper for free range to unleash creativity. – The Piggy Story

The Piggy Story Review

We put together a coupon code for you, my readers to receive 20% off for this week (Ends 8/14)!!!! The 20% off code is CORAL.

The 20% off is a really great deal because their products are ALREADY affordable. I already have a couple of products in my shopping cart to buy. If you prefer to shop in stores, the stores all over the US have The Piggy Story products, so check here to find out which stores in your town sell The Piggy Story products.

Still doing the back-to-school shopping, why not check The Piggy Story out?! They have backpacks, lunch boxes, art kits, markers, crayons, etc!


Thank you, The Piggy Story for sending Coral a Pink Whale Fuzzytown Die-Cut ArtFolio!The Piggy Story

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