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Eat. Play. Love. tank by Not Shy Apparel Review • Mommy Gone Tropical

Eat. Play. Love. tank by Not Shy Apparel Review

Eat. Play. Love. by Not Shy Apparel

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Here is my Not Shy Apparel review on Eat. Play. Love.

“We create confident clothing that allows kiddies to be their true little, unfiltered selves. All of our apparel is designed with the “let them be little” mentality in mind!” – Not Shy Apparel

I discovered Not Shy Apparel on Instagram because I spotted sign language on their ‘Eat Play Love’ tee. How wonderful is Instagram for matchmaking deaf parents with companies that are supporting sign language?! I, along with many deaf parents are often looking for clothing items that show our deaf pride and recognize the importance of sign language. I hope to pass that pride along to my daughter, Coral even though she is hearing because her first and main language is American Sign Language (ASL). Guess what her favorite sign words lately are… If you guessed Eat, Play & Love among few other signs, you’re right!

Eat. Play. Love. by Not Shy Apparel ReviewTherefore, I decided to reach out to Lindsay (Not Shy Apparel) asking if we could collaborate as I fell in love with her sign language designs.

She sent me a Eat. Play. Love. tank to write a Not Shy Apparel review post.

Due to the tank having her favorite sign words, Coral fell in love with it even more than I!


Who are the faces behind Not Shy Apparel?

We are the husband and wife team behind Not Shy! I’m Lindsay, and my husband’s name is Marko. Marko has a full-time job as a site manager outside of our business. I stay home with our 21 month old daughter, Leighton, and run the daily operations of our brand! We live in the suburbs of Chicago and run every aspect of Not Shy Apparel- from printing to packaging- from our home!

What is the back story on Not Shy Apparel and when did you start the shop? 

Not Shy Apparel was created after our daughter was born. I discovered the #shopsmall community on Instagram and immediately fell in love with the idea of buying handmade items from other mamas like me! I have always had the creative bug and had dreams of owning my own business- so with a lot of hard work- we made it happen! Marko and I spent months learning how to hand screen-print and perfect our process. We officially launched our business February 2016 and haven’t looked back since!

Why the name, Not Shy Apparel?

Eat. Play. Love. by Not Shy Apparel Review logo

We had been brainstorming for a while and just couldn’t find a name that fit. After a little back and forth, Marko suggested the name Not Shy! Our daughter is so spunky and our mission from the beginning was to create confident clothing that allowed kiddies to be their true little, unfiltered selves, so Not Shy was a perfect fit!

How would you describe Not Shy Apparel style?

I would describe our brand as modern meets street-style meets everyday life. We like to be edgy and fun with our designs, while also keeping the simplicity of childhood at the heart of everything we make!

What is the reason behind Eat. Play. Love?

Not Shy Apparel ReviewWe created Eat. Play. Love after teaching those signs to our daughter. Those three things are at the heart of every little one’s daily life so we wanted to celebrate that with this design.

Any plans on creating more sign language designs?

Absolutely! The more signs our daughter learns, the more I am inspired to keep creating! I think our sign language tees and tanks are a great way to help spread awareness about the ASL and deaf community as well!

What are your thoughts on sign language? Do you think all children should learn sign language? If so, why? If not, why not?

Eat. Play. Love. by Not Shy Apparel ReviewI am a big supporter of sign language! As a new mom, I wanted a way to communicate with my daughter. I knew she wouldn’t be talking for many more months so when she was six months old we started with simple signs like “more,” “milk,” and “eat.” It took a couple months, but once she started signing back to me it was the greatest feeling! We were able to communicate in ways we weren’t able to before. I do think that sign language is beneficial for all children! It helps them communicate and express themselves at an early age, which in turn leads to less tantrums and a new bond between the parent and child! 

If a parent walked up to you asking for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give them your best tip, what would it be?

When I became a new mom, a friend of mine shared some advice that has always stuck with me.

“If you’re worried about being a good parent, you already are one.”

As parents, we often question whether or not we are making the right/best decisions for our children. The fact that you are even questioning yourself to begin with means you care and love your children, and that’s the best thing we as moms (and dads!) can give!


Eat. Play. Love. by Not Shy Apparel Review


Not Shy Apparel ReviewLindsay and Marko create clothes for babies up to 6t. You should expect to see a lot more new designs including sign language ones coming out shortly as they are a new upcoming clothing shop! They even let you to customize your tank or tee! You can decide on which design and ink color to go on your tank or tee. In conclusion, you could receive a tank or tee customized to your style!

Our tees & tanks are your canvas! – Not Shy Apparel

Not Shy Apparel ReviewThank you so much, Lindsay & Marko for sending me a Eat. Play. Love. tank and taking some time out of your busy day to answer some questions. We will forever love your Eat. Play. Love. design. In addition to that, we will be keeping an eye out for new sign language designs!


Did you check Not Shy Apparel shop out? If so, please tell me your favorite design! 🙂

Eat. Play. Love. tank by Not Shy Apparel Review

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