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Top 8 Decluttering And Organizing Tips For Kids' Rooms • Mommy Gone Tropical

Top 8 Decluttering And Organizing Tips For Kids’ Rooms

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 Today, I am going to share my top 8 decluttering and organizing tips for kids’ rooms.

My daughter, Coral’s bedroom is the worst room to declutter and organize in my home. Her books, toys, crafts, and clothes tend to overflow in a short period of time.

Our motto in this house is, “Less is More.” We thrive in a minimalistic household, so I go through the decluttering and organizing phase often. I try to declutter and organize every few months, mostly right before birthdays and Christmas to make space for new books/toys/crafts/clothes. If you are on a tight budget and don’t really want to spend money, the decluttering and organizing ideas below are dirt cheap or free!

Decluttering and organizing tips for kids' rooms

Here are my top 8 decluttering and organizing tips for kids’ rooms!


We are going to start with the books. A lot of books, if not organized can clutter and take over your kid’s room. Coral has a lot of books to the point where she gets overwhelmed and start losing interest in reading.

1. DECLUTTER: Sort through the children’s books for the seasons, developing your kid’s skills, and are sentimental to your kid and/or you. Focus on taking out the half of the books. For example, I take out fall and winter seasonal books and books that Coral is not interested in, so she couldn’t really learn from it yet. Right now, she is learning more about numbers and emotions, so I leave the books out about numbers and emotions. The books that teach about ABC’s and colors are put away for later. If there are any ripped books, toss them.

Decluttering and Organizing Tips For Kids' Rooms

(Coral loves these books on the top of the pallet from The Story Box!)

2. ORGANIZE: I store the rest of the books away in an upcycled diaper box in the closet. In the book pallet, her personal favorite books and in the IKEA Expedit cube, the books she enjoys reading such as the spring/summer books. I will switch them up if she gets bored with the books she has now. I make sure that her books are easily accessible, so she will be able to read on her own independently. The books stored away will be just like new books!

Decluttering and Organizing Tips For Kids' Rooms

(This box is actually a diaper box! See the Pampers diaper box on the right side? I glued a scrapbook paper on the front side to make it pretty.)


Who would want to spend time picking up all of the toys and putting them in their ‘home’ all day every day? Not me. I would shove all of the toys in random baskets and call it a day. If you declutter and organize the toys, it will save you time and your sanity when you and your kids pick up the toys after a day of playing. Quality over quantity is important here. I would pick a quality toy that develops important skills over cheap plastic electronic toys that only serve one purpose.

3. DECLUTTER: Sort through your kids’ toys. Focus on whether the toys are helping to develop your kid’s skills and they are still entertaining your kid. If not, take them out. Examine the toys for any damages or if they are for kids younger than yours. Toss them if there are any damages. Get rid of one if you have duplicates. If they are for kids younger than yours and you don’t have any younger kids, donate. If you plan to have more kids and you want them to play with the said toy, store.

Decluttering and Organizing Tips For Kids' Rooms

4. ORGANIZE: I use an IKEA Expedit (now, it is called Kallax) to store all of Coral’s toys and books in IKEA baskets. One of the baskets has all different toys that don’t really fit with the other toys. One basket has Duplo Legos and the third one has a Brio Wooden Train Set. The green basket has wooden blocks. The coloring books are stored separately from the regular children’s books with coloring pencils in the plastic blue basket. I use a plastic green basket to hold all of the balls. I remove the back of the wine crate and use it to store wooden puzzles. Another wine crate, I add a small wood shelf inside to fit all of her toy animals. All of her toys are either on the floor or close to the floor to encourage her to play independently.

Decluttering and Organizing Tips For Kids' Rooms

Decluttering and Organizing Tips For Kids' Rooms


All parents know that kids love to create something whether a painting, an ornament, a paper plate mask, etc. Often, they make a lot of crafts and it accumulates over time. To prevent the crafts from taking over your home, declutter and organize!

5. DECLUTTER: Sort through your kid’s crafts, drawings and things he/she brings home from daycare, preschool or regular school. Since Coral is not in preschool or daycare, she doesn’t bring home things. However, we do a lot of craft activities at home. Look through your kid’s crafts for any damages. If there are any damages and you don’t really care much for it, toss it. If anything has a sentimental meaning to you or to your kid, store it. Since we do a lot of craft activities at home, things used for crafts tend to clutter. I look through the things and toss/recycle things that we don’t use anymore.

(I use something similar to this to store Coral’s artwork.)

6. ORGANIZE: The things used for crafts are stored in an upcycled diaper box. I reuse empty containers such as ice cream cartons, coffee creamer bottles, milk jugs and Italian gelato cups to store craft things such as beads, popsicle sticks, foam stickers, glitter, hot glue sticks, buttons, etc. I use a big storage container to store dry rice for activities and small storage containers for slime and handmade play dough. Some of her gorgeous artworks that have a sentimental meaning are displayed on the walls attached to a large picture frame metal wire with the clothespins.

Decluttering and Organizing Tips For Kids' Rooms

(It doesn’t look like a diaper box, huh?)

mail for sticker lovers.



Who doesn’t love baby or toddler clothes?! They are so tiny and so adorable. I stalk many small kid clothing businesses on Instagram and Facebook, because of their amazing handmade clothes. However, they don’t stay amazing for long. Your kids will outgrow the clothes in no time.

7. DECLUTTER: Sort through your kid’s clothes. Look for sizes too small, stains, holes, or out of season. If the clothes are stained, try to see if you can get the stains out. My personal favorite is to use Bac-Out spray on the stain and leave it out in the sun. Often, the stain goes away. If not, consider tossing it away along with the clothes with holes. Do not donate stained clothes. If the clothes are too small and you don’t have a sentimental feeling toward them, put all of the clothes in a trash bag and donate. Store them away if they are out of season and still will fit your kid later.

Decluttering and organizing tips for kids rooms

(For a couple of years now, this diaper box has been used to store shoes.)

8. ORGANIZE: I use an under-bed rollaway storage container to save all of the baby clothes, clothes with a sentimental meaning and out of season clothes. I organize the under-bed rollaway storage container by putting all folded clothes together by sizes and types (pants/shorts, dresses, tops, pajamas, and swimwear). I have a big dresser that I use to store her current clothes such as pants, shorts, pajamas, socks, and underwears. All of her dresses and tops are up on the hangers. In the bottom of the dresser, it holds blankets. In the near future, I will remove the dresser and install a closet system to include a low clothes rod for her pretend play costumes.

Decluttering and organizing tips for kids rooms


If you struggle with making a decision whether to keep, store, donate or toss the item, then this decision-making flowchart would be perfect for you.

MakeSpace sent me this decision-making flowchart to share with my readers! You can right-click and save this image to your computer/phone or if you prefer to print the full image, then use this link.

Decluttering and Organizing Tips For Kids' Rooms

(MakeSpace is a new app-based self-storage service that will come to your house. They pick up your things and store them at their warehouse for you. Whenever you need any items back, they will deliver the items back to you at your house. Right now, they are only serving New York City, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles. They will come to Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Northern Virginia, and Maryland. They announce new locations across the US every month! I hope one day they will serve my location in Florida!)


Anyways, what do you do to declutter and organize your kids’ rooms? What is your best tip? I hope my ways to declutter and organize your kid’s room are helpful!

Top 8 declutter & organize tips for kids' rooms
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17 Discussion to this post

  1. Colleen says:

    We are very similar, I love\NEED to declutter often and lately it is especially the children’s stuff that needs the most going through. In fact, just this morning I was noticing how untidy our house is and thought I should do this before summer vacation. 🙂 These are really good tips, I love reading any and all minimalist inspired writing!!

  2. One of my favorite tips is that I store all of the kids’ best/favorite school and art work in their own magazine file throughout the school year to keep it contained. On the last day, they sort their file in to three piles: toss, keep or scan. Their favorite work I scan, then toss the original, and put it into their yearly Shutterfly photo book. The rest goes into an Ikea storage box in their closet.

  3. Ela says:

    I’m a sentimental person and it’s difficult for me sometimes to let go of things. I usually donate or give the things so I’ll know it’s in good hands.

  4. Letting go, or decluttering, has always been something Ive had issues doing. Maybe I’ll need that random object covered in dust…one day lol thats how I always thought. But now I try not to hoard and your flowchart will be the greatest help. Thanks heaps!

  5. lesley sullivan says:

    Very helpful, I especially need to go through my children’s books. That’s the one thing I never think to declutter. Thanks for sharing the flow chart as well!

  6. Great post and lots of great ideas. I love all the photos which shows all the possibilities. 🙂

  7. Shann says:

    My oldest son’s room is exactly the same way. I love how you upcycled the diaper boxes. I need to do that, and really declutter his room. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  8. Kathleen says:

    In my community, there is a popular used book store that buys and sells books. It’s a great place to turn in books your child or students have outgrown or are no longer interested in. Then, they give you credit to purchase gently used books that better fit your child’s or students’ needs. I encourage you to look for used book stores in your communities.

  9. I love the flow chart! I need to go through my daughters clothes and get rid of the things that are too small and make room for things that we’ve received from friends and hang them up. And books, oh my the books, so many books at our house, it’s over flowing…I need to go through those too. So much organizing to do…stopping by from Living for Naptime.

  10. I so need this advice right now! I just took “before” pictures of my son’s playroom and the disaster area that it is so that I can figure out how to organize everything. For us I think we’ll be donating a lot of his old toys that he no longer plays with. The art is a whole other can of worms that will need to be tackled another day 🙂 Found your post at BFF Friday
    Nicole | The Professional Mom Project recently posted…Our Top Tips for Visiting Disneyland with a Four Year OldMy Profile

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I love the bookshelf in your daughter’s room! And you make a great point about sorting through the books so that kids keep being interested in – I need to get on to that. Love the photos 🙂
    Elizabeth recently posted…The best baby bath for a small bathroomMy Profile

  12. Sheila says:

    I love how organized you are! I also have a ton of boxes to store all my son’s things in. I love that you decorated the diaper box!

  13. I love all of these tips! I am all about Ikea’s Expedit bookshelf- we use it in my sons nursery and love it! It is such a great piece that is very inexpensive!

  14. A complete guideline of home remodeling. Here are you discuss a very beautiful post to decor my house. I follow you then get a better result. Thanks a lot.

  15. Jamie says:

    Great ideas for storage! I love clear plastic to store their stuff, so I can see everything at a glance!

  16. Jamie says:

    You are really organized. My children’s bookshelf is a mess. I am going to sort their books for the season and will focus on taking out hte half of the books.
    Other Storage ideas are also great. Thanks for sharing.
    Jamie recently posted…6 Best Air Purifier For Bird Dander 2020My Profile

  17. Hi there! Glad I stopped by your blog.
    Thanks for providing such informative and useful content!

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