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The Story Box Review

The Story Box review

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-- This is a sponsored post. I may have been compensated and/or received a product. However, all opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. --

I just discovered a really awesome company that delivers new high-quality books with a parent guide once per month for your kids from 1-7 year-olds called The Story Box.

The Story Box reviewI reached out to them asking if I could do The Story Box review on a single month subscription package with two books and write my honest opinion about The Story Box. Holly replied right away with a YES.

I decided to document the process of my daughter, Coral unboxing the package and discovering the books. The paper confetti in the package got her so excited! It was a perfect start to my The Story Box review.

Please watch the video below and see how fun it was to unbox…


We received The Perfect Hug and HOORAY FOR HAT! books. She pretended to hug everything in The Perfect Hug and giggled at the grumpy animals in HOORAY FOR HAT!

The Story Box review

The Story Box was created by Holly & Clint.

Holly is a nationally certified speech-language pathologist working with toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary students that have communication and literacy disorders. – Holly of The Story Box

The more they read together, the more excited they all became about reading and their bonds were strengthened. Through The Story Box, Clint shares this experience with other fathers and their children. – Clint of The Story Box


The Story Box reviewIn their FAQs, they said their books were selected by parents and a nationally certified speech-language pathologist. They focus on making sure that the books are fun and appealing to kids from 1-7 year-olds whilst developing their communication and emergent literacy skills. The books come with a parent guide with various age groups (babies 1-2 years old, toddlers 2-3.5 years old, preschoolers, 3.5-5 years old, and early elementary, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders) instructions.

For example, my daughter, Coral is almost 3-year-old, so we follow the instructions specifically for 2-3.5 year-olds.

The Story Box review parent guide

The Story Box review parent guide

For The Perfect Hug, the parent guide language concepts for the 2-3.5 age group said:

The Story Box review parent guideThe Perfect Hug has lots of opposite pairs. Examples: the tiny hug from the bug and the big hug from the bear, the hugs with lots of arms and the hugs with none, the tall and short hugs, the big and small hugs, over and under, etc. Point out the opposites to your toddler. Understanding opposites will improve your child’s vocabulary and help your child identify relationships between words.

The Story Box panda faceNow, the hands-on activity for The Perfect Hug is to create a panda mask. Simply cut black paper for the ears and the black area around the eyes. Then, glue the black papers onto a white paper plate. Use a black marker to draw the nose and mouth. Glue a popsicle stick onto the white paper plate to hold it. Cut out eye holes and have your toddler play with it! I made one for Coral and she thought it was hilarious when I play with it.



The Story Box review panda face

She pretended the animals in The Perfect Hug had a panda mask!

The Story Box review panda face

Sounds fun, right? There is still one book left!

For HOORAY FOR HAT! the parent guide language concepts for the 2-3.5 age group said:

The Story Box review parent guideYour toddler can work on simple retell and sequencing with Hooray for Hat, and the redundancy in the story will help facilitate this skill. After reading the story a few times, you can prompt your toddler by saying, “help me tell the story”. You may need to state story parts in simple terms, depending on your child’s language level. For example, it may be easier for your child to imitate something like this: elephant was grumpy, he got a hat, now elephant is happy! The more you help your child retell the story, the more independent he will become.

Since our main language at home is American Sign Language, it was fun to sign the books with the movements and facial expressions. Coral copied my movements and facial expressions along with me.

The hands-on activity for HOORAY FOR HAT! is to create a sensory bin using dry rice, dry beans, dry noodles or fish tank pebbles. Place toy animals from the book in the sensory bin and have your toddler search for and hide the animals. Since I had a sensory bin of dry rainbow rice from a previous activity, I placed the toy animals in the said sensory bin. Coral had a blast hiding the toy animals and searching for them. She decided to play with the dry rainbow rice itself when she was done. I forgot to take pictures of this hands-on activity as I was playing with her. OOPS!


Know what is even better? They help children with disabilities and children from low-income families by  purchasing and donating materials from a portion of each subscription fee.


By now, you are probably asking how much does the monthly subscription cost? It can cost you $21.99 monthly. If you want to do the 3 months deal, it is $20.99. If you prefer the 6 months subscription, it will be $19.99 per month. Honestly, I would go with the $19.99 for 6 months to receive new books every month with a parent guide to encourage your kids to fall in love with reading and to grow their communication and emergent literacy skills.

The Story Box review panda faceHaving a parent guide included with the books really sealed the deal for me and I loved their mission. I found out The Story Box was seeking for brand representatives on their Instagram account. I jumped at the chance and entered Coral in the contest. When they picked me as a brand representative along with few others, I was so thrilled!

So, I want to share a coupon code for my family, friends and readers, so you can receive 15% off your first order. The coupon code is CORAL (my daughter’s name). Click below to order your subscription either monthly, 3 months, or 6 months and use the coupon code to receive 15% off.

Get a surprise, monthly delivery of books for your kids!
Have you ever heard of The Story Box? What do you think about The Story Box so far?

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  1. LeighAnn says:

    How neat! I have never heard of this company before! I will definitely check them out.

  2. Tshanina says:

    I’ve never heard of The Story Box before…what a fabulous idea! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Shann says:

    What an awesome subscription box! I love the mission behind the company, and I love those activity cards they include. My boys love to read, so this would be awesome.

  4. That’s a nice experience you and your daughter was able to enjoy. Love the video. I agree that reading stories is a great way to learn, enjoy quality time, etc…

    In fact, growing up, reading stories out loud as part of my speech therapy sessions, was part of the reason why I got hooked on reading. It also did help improve my ability to talk as well. This was way before all these new techniques were created (Hooked on Phonics, etc…)

    I’m curious about using ASL with the stories, were there any signs you had to create because of creative words. For example, Dr. Suess is literally creative. It’s easy to do “cat in the hat” but a “wocket in the pocket” is something that’s not exactly ASL. 🙂
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