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Review: Ergobaby Carrier • Mommy Gone Tropical
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Review: Ergobaby Carrier

-- This is a sponsored post. I may have been compensated and/or received a product. However, all opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company. --


I am going to share my review of the Ergobaby carrier I owned for about two years and half!

Also, I have some exciting news about Ergobaby’s latest innovation, the ADAPT baby carrier!

ergobaby carrierI own an original baby carrier in natural color that I received as a baby shower gift three years ago. It was the only carrier I have ever tried and absolutely loved it!


It is amazing in all seasons. It is so comfortable and doesn’t strain my back like I thought it would. Being deaf, having my both hands is a necessity, so it is wonderful to be able to ‘hold’ Coral and use my hands to communicate, cook, clean, or whatever else.


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However, I wasn’t able to wear Coral as a newborn (because I needed the infant insert with the original baby carrier) until she was maybe few months old, when I found out about the rolled up blanket trick.

Basically, you roll up a blanket and put it in the bottom of the baby carrier. Put your baby in the baby carrier with his/her legs frogged style.

mail for sticker lovers.

From there, I wore her nearly every single day until she was able to be in the baby carrier (about 12 lbs) without the rolled up blanket.

ergobaby carrier

I loved the fact that I didn’t have to drag a stroller around when we go to places such as Disney World. When we were at Disney World and it was time for Coral’s nap time, I put her in the Ergobaby carrier and she passed out instantly. The Ergobaby carrier endured 2 years and half of wear, sweat, and dirt. Honestly, I am surprised that the baby carrier is not damaged or look like it is not in a good condition. It is basically like new! See the picture below, it was taken TODAY!

ergobaby carrier

Another thing I absolutely love about Ergobaby’s baby carriers are that they are dad-friendly. Just snap the buckles and you’re good to go. Mr. Tropical was unsure at first about wearing Coral, but after the first time wearing her, he loved it.


ergobaby carrier

You can’t even see Coral in this picture, but trust me she is in there with her legs frogged style! 😉

Did you hear?! Ergobaby is releasing their latest innovation, the ADAPT baby carrier, available for presale on April 28th! They will be shipped out on May 12th for free. Yes, FREE SHIPPING! (For US only)


ergobaby carrier

The ADAPT baby carrier can be used from newborn to toddler, no infant insert needed!

No infant insert” was what caught my eye about the ADAPT baby carrier… I wanted to wear my daughter, Coral when she was a newborn, but I didn’t want to purchase the infant insert. I live in hot and humid Florida and Coral was born in June, so the infant insert was definitely out.

ergobaby carrier


From Ergobaby’s website:

ergobaby carrier

I am impressed that the ADAPT baby carrier’s shoulder straps can be changed from the original way to the crossable way. It can be worn from newborn to toddler, mininum 7 lbs to maxinum 45 lbs. The 3 positions are the same, front-inward, hip, and back carry. There are already a couple of reviews on the Ergobaby website testing the ADAPT baby carrier out and nearly all of the reviewers loved the fact that the infant insert wasn’t needed.

ergobaby carrier

Are you a proud Ergobaby carrier owner? If so, are you going to check the ADAPT baby carrier out?! If not, I hope you have an Ergobaby carrier in your shopping cart right now! 😉


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  1. This is a GREAT post! I have had one ErgoBaby carrier through both of my babies and it was an absolute lifesaver with baby number 2. Having two under two meant that I was constantly chasing our boy with a newborn in my arms. Needless to say, the ErgoBaby was a constant part of my wardrobe! Great review ❤︎

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