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Guest Bathroom Renovation Reveal • Mommy Gone Tropical
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Guest Bathroom Renovation Reveal

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Remember when I asked you to settle a disagreement between Mr. Tropical and I about the bathroom renovation tile grout a while ago?

bathroom renovationA majority of you guys voted for grey grout and I was so happy that most of you guys agreed with me instead of Mr. Tropical. 😉 HOWEVER, we settled the disagreement and went with white grout. *gasp* I am so ecstatic that I decided to go with Mr. Tropical’s choice. I will explain why I decided to go with the white grout below.


Here is the link if you missed the original post about doing the bathroom renovation and would like to see the before pictures.

Well, we are finally done with the guest bathroom renovation! Well, not 100% completed because we will need to replace the sink vanity and the flooring, but we are satisfied with the bathroom for now!


***FYI, Mr. Tropical and I have no previous renovation experiences so this is our first time renovating a bathroom. I like to consider us handy, but there were a bunch of rookie mistakes here and there as we renovated the bathroom. It was a wonderful experience for us to do as a family.


Anyways, I will stop talking and show you the pictures!

bathroom renovation

We added 2×4 studs to make two niches on the right side to store our shampoo/conditioner, soap, and Coral’s toys.

bathroom renovation

The cement boards went up and Mr. Tropical got started with putting the subway tiles up.

bathroom renovation

There were a little bit of imperfections between the subway tiles in the niches, so we went with white grout to make the imperfections unnoticeable.

bathroom renovation

We caulked between the bathtub and the subway tiles.

bathroom renovation

Real handmade mirror with mother of pearl shells. It was supposed to be $149.99 but we got it on clearance for $24.99! There was a tiny scratch on the mirror and a couple of missing mother of pearl shells.

bathroom renovation

I sealed the wine crate a long time ago and installed up there to store the decorations, a pothos plant and extra toilet papers.

bathroom renovation

We installed the beadboards probably two years ago when we first moved in. I wish we have a tutorial on how to do this for you guys! Don’t worry, we plan to do similar for our dining room/hallway sometime soon!

bathroom renovation

Plenty of storage in the niches to hold large shampoo/conditioner containers! No toys in there because they are currently IN the bathtub. See the wood ceiling?! GORGEOUS.

bathroom renovation

I can’t wait until we replace the fluorescent lights in this bathroom, so we will not have any more blurry/dark pictures. OR maybe I need a professional camera. (hint hint, Mr. Tropical) 😉

bathroom renovation

We will eventually replace the sink vanity. I am thinking a farmhouse cottage style. We want to replace the tile flooring with tile flooring that looks like wood.

bathroom renovation

bathroom renovation

I love, love and LOVE the mermaid towel hanger we got from a salvage warehouse. ♥ I am thinking about adding two hooks to either side of the towel hanger to hold more towels. Maybe that would be too much for a small bathroom? Not sure.

What do you think about the guest bathroom renovation?! Please share your honest opinion as we are new to renovating.


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22 Discussion to this post

  1. Mariah says:

    The wood ceiling is an amazing touch.

  2. I love that wood ceiling piece – it looks great – I bet you’re glad to be done with it – renovating is hard work!

  3. Katie says:

    Beautiful! It’s renovations like this that make me wish to own a home and be able to do mini (or not so mini) reno projects!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Aww! I had a major itch to do renovations when I lived in apartments, so we went crazy once we bought a house. Hope you will do the same once you own a home!

  4. Leslie says:

    I absolutely love that mirror, you guys got it for a steal which is even better! I wish I could take in a project like this, you guys did great.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Yes, it was a great deal, so we didn’t think twice. Just grabbed it and went home. It was a hard project because we were rookies, but it was worth it! Thank you.

  5. Angela says:

    Very cute. I love the white tile in the bath. We did the same in ours, but used grey grout. Great job!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Oh, we had a hard time deciding between white or grey grouts. I am glad we went with white grout, but I still want grey grout somewhere in the house! Thanks!

  6. It looks fantastic! I love your choice of tile!

  7. Ruthie Ridley says:

    Looks amazing! Renovations are such a process! Everything came out great!!

  8. ananda says:

    so impressive! you put so much love into it! the subway tiles are super chic! <3

  9. Love the temodel! I know they are a lot of work!

  10. kate says:

    It looks great! Obsessed with the ceiling!!!! We are going to redo our girls’ bathroom soon but it’s a one piece bath/shower so we don’t actually have to replace the shower. But I love those tiles!!!! Come link up:)

  11. fred wingg says:

    Hey Bud!

    What a breathtaking renovation it is !

    I loved it .It is a real renovation .the broad mirror , fascinating walls are really appealing .The before and after scenarios are completely revolutionary .The effect you have given to it is phenomenal.

    The curtains are also adding beauty to it .Also the creeper that you have placed aside is awesome.

    Thanks for sharing such an innovative post!

    Keep sharing


  12. Looks good! Great job!

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