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Bathroom Renovation: Tile Grout Disagreement • Mommy Gone Tropical
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Bathroom Renovation: Tile Grout Disagreement

bathroom renovation

Mr. Tropical and I could not agree on tile grout color.

We decided to ask you, my readers, to vote on which tile grout color you like!


Our second bathroom bathtub needs to be replaced. We have been putting it off until recently. Coral hates to take showers in our master bathroom. The plumber said that he would also remove like 4 rows of wall tiles. So, we decided to just remove the entire walls of tiles to have it all match. THEN, we decided to replace the window, too.

Mr. Tropical removed the tiles and drywall on all three sides. I told Mr. Tropical to expect bad news when he removes the drywall because it was always like that on TV. To our surprise, it was all perfect.

We went to Home Depot to look at tiles and decided on white subway tiles. I have always wanted subway tiles. I know it is trendy, but it is classic.


So, which tile grout colors we could not agree on?

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Mr. Tropical wants white grout to match the white subway tiles. I want grey grout to make a statement in the bathroom.

Our design style is more like coastal farmhouse.


The Before picture, yuck!

tile grout color

The black frosted window makes the bathroom all dark and dingy. When we bought this house, everything in this bathroom was beige.

What the rest of the bathroom looks like:

tile grout color

tile grout color

tile grout color

You can see that Coral is excited about the new bathroom!

tile grout color

tile grout color

Before we start putting the walls back up and install the tiles, we will build two niches on that bathtub wall right next to the toilet. The top niche will be for guests and the potted plant will be moved over there. The bottom niche will be for Coral’s stuff and a soap bar. I am thinking about adding a frosted vinyl to the bottom half of the window for some privacy.

Eventually, we will change the sink vanity, the lighting and the flooring.


I agree that white grout looks clean and fresh, but the bathroom is already white all over. The walls, ceiling, beadboard, window and subway tiles are already white. I thought grey grout would make a cool statement and adds character to the bathroom. Also, we have a messy toddler so grey grout will hide the dirt!

I will show you some examples of both white and grey grouts. Then, please do me a favor and vote!





Maybe we will compromise and meet halfway at light grey instead of white or dark grey. What do you guys think?!

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8 Discussion to this post

  1. Brianne says:

    I have seen several colored grout projects and I cannot make a firm decision. White grout is a classic move, really, and it looks cleaner that way. To go with a gray grout is making a statement – I love it – but it could look dirty sometime. Or you could go with something else bold – colored grout! I have seen projects with blue grout! It’s a really hard decision to make, indeed. Go with your instincts!

  2. Mariah says:

    I vote grey grout then eventually pull grey into the rest of the bathroom with paint, accessories, linens, or whatever ties it all together.

    It’s looking fantastic!

  3. Megs says:

    I absolutely love gray grout. I have thing for gray colors anyway. Can’t wait to see the result..I’m sure it’ll look great one way or other!

  4. Ashley says:

    I’m partial to the gray!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

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  6. Wow! The final result looks fantastic!
    Great job!

  7. Great post!!
    Thanks for sharing this post here with us.

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