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The Beginning: Realizing She Has Deaf Parents • Mommy Gone Tropical

The Beginning: Realizing She Has Deaf Parents

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If you have been following my blog, you probably already know that Mr. Tropical and I are Deaf and Coral (2.5) is hearing.

She does not know that she has Deaf parents because that is her normal.

realizing she has deaf parentsCoral was born to Deaf parents and does not know of any different way of life. We do not hide the fact that we are Deaf. We communicate in ASL for the majority of time at home/out in public. Coral is bilingual in ASL and English.

However… something happened last night and I think maybe this is the beginning of realizing she has Deaf parents.

Last night, we (Mr. Tropical & I) were watching the TV on the floor before bedtime. Coral was running around behind me, playing with her toys. She came behind my back and blew an elephant ocarina whistle toy.

She stopped and waited for my reaction, excitedly. She expected me to jump and turn my head around.

[Click here to find out what happened]


She blew again and again.


She stood there for a moment and stared at me.

Then she moved on to something new.

I was still watching the TV with no clue what happened behind my back. Mr. Tropical tapped my leg and explained what happened. I felt so bad that she might have thought I was ignoring her.

However, I wondered perhaps, this is the beginning of her questioning what had just happened. Perhaps, she will notice this situation happening again and again. Then she will come to a realization that her parents are Deaf. Perhaps, she forgot all about this.


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  1. Ashley says:

    Oh, wow! I am curious to see how she will react when she realizes you and Mr. Tropical are deaf. I bet it doesn’t even phase her! ❤️

  2. That is so interesting! Kids are incredibly smart. I’m sure your instincts are right.

  3. Dominique says:

    I follow you on insta and she is gorgeous! Babies are so smart, I’m sure once she realizes it she will find all these other ways of getting your attention.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thank you for following me on IG. She taps on my leg/shoulder or wave her hands at me if she wants attention from me. It just came naturally to her since she was born. She does it with everyone else even if they are hearing.

  4. Jessica says:

    Aww she is such a smart cookie!!

  5. A very nice blog, and nice to see that you are making a difference by placing your life story out there for everyone to read too.I sub to you too so i can read more on your blog. I have a ongoing homeless blog that i use to help the homeless with by getting ideas out there to help them. I will place my blog on the website link so you can read it if you want to do so.

  6. Tara says:

    Interesting story. I think that our kids are the most accepting people on the planet! They seem to readily understand that everyone isn’t like them. I have seen it thousands of times in lots of little ways – our family raises Guide Dog puppies for the blind, and our kids were always at ease with everyone no matter if they could see us or not. It just came naturally.
    Tara recently posted…Cabin Camping Adventures in New EnglandMy Profile

  7. What a beautiful, interesting story. And I think you’re right. When she blew her whistle in your ear with no response she began to understand that you could not hear her. Thank you for sharing your unique family story. Each one of us has a different life experience and looks at the world in a different way. It’s so inspiring to hear what is happening in the lives of others.
    Denay DeGuzman recently posted…The Best Pizza Dough Recipe EverMy Profile

  8. It is interesting to see how she will respond.

  9. Children are so resilient and much more accepting of differences. I bet she’ll just take it in stride. Great article. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I love your blog. I’m now following you on Instagram. I love how our children love us for us. I’m teaching my four year old sign language. You are one amazing mother. Can’t wait to read more and learn more about your beautiful family.

  11. Rocio Chavez says:

    Kids are pretty perceptive, I’m sure she just shook it off, but she’ll eventually catch on and be loving and accepting of it all. And I’m sure she’ll appreciate the added advantage of learning sign language. Very cool!

  12. Wow. It’s going to be so interesting to see how this unfolds for your family. I bet she’s going to have the best little sense of humor about it.

  13. What an interesting post! I will be interested to see how she reacts when she finalizes realizes her parents are deaf. I bet it will just be one of those aha moments but will not make much difference to her.

  14. Sheena says:

    You have a very interesting (and beautiful) family! Like you said, you guys are her normal and I’m sure she’ll adjust fine, regardless of how much she starts to understand that you guys can’t hear the things she can.

  15. riddhi says:

    So nice to see such a different mommy blog and very inspirational too 🙂

  16. Bree Hogan says:

    Kids are so adaptable; yes, there will come a time when she realises both Mummy and Daddy are deaf – as you say, she may already be cottoning on to this – but she will love and accept you just the way you are. Beautiful family 🙂

  17. This is absolutely interesting post.I will definitely be coming back to read more posts 🙂

  18. Jordyn says:

    Can’t wait to hear more stories as she begins figuring out her world more! It’s great that she’s bilingual at such a young age!

  19. Interesting that she took your not hearing her in stride. I hadn’t realized what a challenge it is for young hearing children of deaf parents and how they have to learn to communicate their needs differently.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Actually, it is not really a challenge for hearing children to communicate with their Deaf parents differently. Baby sign language is super popular nowadays and they found that babies understand signed languages just as much as spoken languages. Babies are able to communicate through sign language as early as six months old. Sign language is natural to my daughter just as much as English so it is not a challenge for her. Thanks.

  20. This is super interesting! This is my first visit to your blog and now I want to go read all your posts, ha! I look forward to following along with your journey as parents! 🙂

  21. Fox says:

    Aw. Do you think it would be a good idea to explain to her, maybe..? I am not sure how old she is, it might be beyond her understanding of what deaf is. Maybe sharing a book like this: (or something more appropriate for her age level..?) would be helpful. Although she may figure it out for herself, if she doesn’t realize that deafness is a thing, it may prove to be difficult and frustrating for her.
    Fox recently posted…Make a Quick, Easy Blog Media Kit, Here’s How!My Profile

    • Elizabeth says:

      I am sure she is still too young to understand Deafness. Thank you for the book recommendation. I have seen some toddler-friendly books out there, so maybe I will get that.

  22. Blessed her heart. She must have thought you were ignoring her maybe? I wish I was fluent in ASL at 2. wow!

  23. What a smart, and adorable little one you have there!

  24. Ninz says:

    Hi Elizabeth, i read few of your post and as a mum of 5 years old boy I kinda know how you feel… All your emotions and the long way to raise a child. I know that sometimes is hard, but I am sure your little one will be fine with everything… BTW it is great that you have started blogging…I love blogging and make me relax and escape from reality sometimes. x


  25. KD says:

    This is interesting. I am intrigued and will have to look around your blog. When are you considering explaining it to her?

  26. My husband and I sat an read a few of your post last night… your blog is so sweet and endearing. Awesome space to visit 🙂

  27. Brittany says:

    I always read about parents with children who are deaf. I love this new perspective.

  28. Children are special! — Loved your blog and your story! Blessings

  29. With this one vignette, you have beautifully captured the unique challenges and opportunities facing your family. Thank you for sharing.

  30. Diane says:

    Thanks for sharing precious snippets of your family life. Your daughter is adorable! 😀

  31. Milena says:

    That’s incredible. I can’t wait to see how this story develops.

  32. I know this will become very big challenge for your child. But with good guidance and great understanding, your child will become very loving to you both.

  33. Joanna M says:

    Thank you for writing this post. Your child is lucky to have such loving parents 🙂 What a skill to be fluent in ASL and English at such an early age!

  34. Sue says:

    thanks for sharing and telling your story. sounds like you are great parents 🙂

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