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My Reverse Bucket List • Mommy Gone Tropical

My Reverse Bucket List

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Reverse Bucket ListThere are many people with their elaborate bucket lists and/or New Year resolutions with goals they want to achieve in life. I typed my bucket list several years ago and it was quite discouraging to look at it recently. WHY? I realized I have had accomplished nearly nothing in the last several years. For the last few years, I was focusing on my pregnancy, having my daughter Coral & being a stay at home mom.

I decided I am going to do it rather opposite this time and focus on the extraordinary experiences I have already had!

I believe it is as important to celebrate the past because they shaped me into the person I am today. Cliche, I know!

While I was reliving the most wonderful experience I have had, I felt really appreciative for those experiences.


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  • Road-tripped across the country twice (Once from Washington, DC to Arizona – 2008 and another from Arizona to Florida).
  • Hiked inside a cave in Flagstaff, AZ.
  • Visited Grand Canyon.
  • Went salt river tubing.
  • Visited Hoover Dam.
  • Disney World annual passes.
  • Went snorkeling in Catalina Island.
  • Witnessed a blue whale in person.
  • Visited the #1 beach in America, Siesta Key.
  • Went jet skiing in Rocky Point, Mexico.
  • Went jet skiing in Florida again with dolphins & manatees swimming underneath.
  • Slept on the rooftop in Mexico.
  • Flew in a helicopter.
  • Swam in the Atlantic.
  • Swam in the Pacific.
  • Attended Gallaudet University across the country.
  • Got an Associate’s Degree in Nutrition.
  • Learned to use a sewing machine.
  • Attended rodeo parades for many years.
  • Learned how to cook.
  • Learned to rock climb.
  • Learned how to fix computers, coding & design graphics.
  • Saw the fireworks by the beach.
  • Witnessed a sunrise and a sunset in the same day.

  • Went skinny dipping.
  • Went dairy & grain free for a year.
  • Went a year without cable service.
  • Played sports from 5th grade to 12th grade.
  • Gambled in Las Vegas.
  • Got a tattoo in Atlantic City.
  • Met the love of my life.
  • Got engaged to Mr. Tropical.
  • Became a mother.
  • Breastfed for 2+ years.
  • Be a stay at home mommy.
  • Went on a first vacation as a family of 3 to Miami, Florida.
  • Saw a wild alligator up close.
  • Started a fruit & veggie garden.
  • Launched my own blog.
  • Started an Etsy shop.
  • Moved across the country.
  • Bought a house.


If you want or did make your personal reverse bucket list, what are your TOP 3 memorable experiences on the list? Please do tell!


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