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Rainbow Rice Sensory Activity • Mommy Gone Tropical
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Rainbow Rice Sensory Activity

sensory activity
If you want a sensory activity that keeps your toddler busy playing independently, keep on reading!

The benefits of rice sensory activity are improving gross motor skills, exploring all five senses and develop cognitive, literacy, numerical and creativity skills. What more can you ask for? Playing independently AND developing skills? I am game!

To make rainbow rice, you will need:

  • Food coloring
  • Plastic bags
  • Uncooked rice

There are many different recipes to make colored rice on Pinterest and I went with the simplest one.

[Read more…]

Pour rice in as many plastic bags you want. I did five different colors, therefore, five plastic bags. Add food coloring to each plastic bag. Shake all the plastic bags until the entire rice is covered with the desired color.

Pour the rice out of the plastic bags onto plastic plates to dry. You can use anything other than plates, but make sure it is easy for you to move the rice around. I moved my five plates outside, so they can be completely dry.

After they have dried, I poured all the rice into the wine crate. You can see in the picture above five different colors clearly.


When I introduced this sensory activity to Coral, she was around 17 months old. She was thrilled about this activity because she enjoyed creating messes.

sensory activity

(First time ever playing with rainbow rice.)

sensory activity

(She went through a phase of being obsessed with the rolling pin.)

sensory activity

sensory activity

(Working on scooping & pouring.)

sensory activity

(Using the empty coffee creamer to pour rainbow rice.)

sensory activity

(Sitting on rainbow rice to test the texture with her butt. It is the best method! She also learns how to clean the rice at the end of this activity with the yellow duck sweeper in the top right corner. We played on a shower curtain liner from Dollar Tree, an easy and effective way to clean up!)

sensory activity

(Putting her head in the wine crate to see rainbow rice up close. She likes to cover the toy animals with rainbow rice and sign to me, “WHERE COW? WHERE SHEEP? WHERE HORSE?”)

sensory activity

sensory activity

(We even play with rainbow rice OUTSIDE! You can tell that she enjoyed it!)

When we are not playing with rainbow rice, it is being stored in a plastic canister also from Dollar Tree!

Dollar Tree Storage Container

It has been a year now and Coral, 2.5 years old is still enjoying creating messes! You can do different activities with rainbow rice. We try to use mixed things every time to introduce her to a new way to play and to expand her imagination. For our next play time with rainbow rice, I will teach her the colors.

Please give this a try if you need time to do some chores or just sit down on the couch.

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  1. You are so creative! I wish I had done cool things like rainbow rice with my girls when they were toddlers. I love how she’s sitting on the rice. Too cute!

  2. I used to do this with my kids when they were little. It really helps with fine motor.

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