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DIY: Christmas Foam Plates Decoration • Mommy Gone Tropical
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DIY: Christmas Foam Plates Decoration

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DIY Christmas Foam Plates Decoration: An Easy & Cheap Kid Craft Activity!

A perfect way to show off your child’s painting skills and celebrate the holidays at the same time.


Christmas foam platesI did this Christmas foam plates craft with my daughter when she was about 1-year-old. She really enjoyed painting the plates and especially on herself.

WARNING: After you have completed the painting activity, remove your child’s clothes immediately and soak the clothes in water to clean the paint off. OR just have your child wear an apron to cover the clothes to save you the trouble. It will get messy, but just go with the flow and watch your kid having a blast!

Materials you will need for this activity:

First of all, make sure you have the area ready for this activity. I laid down a shower curtain on the outside patio. I poured the paints on the plates to make it easier for Coral. Cut out the bottom of foam plates and have your child go to town with the paint on the plates. You can do any colors or simple colors so they will not turn out brownish like mine did. You can even use this opportunity to have your kid paint on the papers and use them for other activities.

christmas foam platesLet the plates air-dry then connect all plates together with tied ribbons. The knots should be on the back so you would not see them.

You can do a snowman by adding a foam hat painted black, foam eyeballs glued to the top plate. You can even add GLITTER to the plates.

We tied a jingle bell ornament to it because it is fun! When you are done, hang the plates on the front door on the door hanger.

That is it!


Have a Happy Holidays!

christmas foam plates

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  1. katie says:

    What a cute idea! I want to do this with the kids I babysit.

    xx katie // a touch of teal

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