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DIY: $1 Unlimited Recycled Business Cards • Mommy Gone Tropical
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DIY: $1 Unlimited Recycled Business Cards

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Today, I will share with you how I designed my business cards for only a dollar for my Etsy shop, Coral Home!

My partner works in the beer company and he regularly brings home cardboard beer six pack holders. He cut the front design of the packs and sticks them up on the wall in the garage to show off his collection. Since he only used the front design, we had a lot of leftover cardboard pieces.

I had this clever idea to cut them to the business cards size. Eco-friendly and free!

business cards



Just in case you do not know the exact size of business cards, it is 3.5” x 2”.

The supply list:

Cardboard beer packs

Sharp Scissor

Exacto Knife

A Jumbo Eraser

Stamp ink pad


business cardsNow, it is time to add the business logo to the front. Ordering a personalized logo stamp was not in my budget, so I decided to make one!

I remembered I saw a tutorial somewhere about carving an eraser with an Exacto knife. I bought a large eraser from Dollar Tree store for only a dollar.

I carved the letters, the sun, the waves and the flying birds with the Exacto knife. If you do not have an Exacto knife, you can buy one like this one.

I experimented the eraser stamp on a recycled business card I just cut up.


business cardsThe design was printed in reverse! I was supposed to carve everything backward on the eraser, so it will look right on the card.


It is a good thing you will not repeat my mistake.

I flipped the eraser over and repeated everything on the ugly side, but backward. Believe me when I say my hand was aching afterward.


business cards


Now you know a very, very cheap way to make your own business cards!

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  1. Candy says:

    Wow. I really like this. Thanks.

  2. Lorey says:

    What a cool idea! And thanks for the eraser tip, I’d never heard that!

  3. I admire people like you, who find creative ideas in everything they see!

  4. This is a really cool idea. I’ve not heard of this before and enjoyed reading the post. Thanks. I have some pretty plain business cards but this looks more fun!

  5. This is a genius idea! My parents are starting a little craft business, so I’m passing this onto them 🙂

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