I was given an amazing opportunity to review Revelae Kids cloth snack bags. Revelae Kids sent me Yummi Pouch cloth snack bags set of 3 called ‘Fab.’ It has bright and colorful butterflies, flowers and Moroccan designs. They have various design styles such as Spunky, Flashy, and Sweet for boys and girls! I prefer the Fab set, since my daughter, Coral is obsessed with the flowers and the butterflies nowadays. The cloth snack bags are eco-friendly, PVC-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and lead-free nylon. I love, love, and love the fact that they are reusable

For a typical hearing person, the question whether they will raise a hearing or deaf child is not even on their mind. Yet, for me, I wondered that growing up. I fantasized about raising a deaf child. Having a deaf family to call my own. I knew I would more likely have a hearing child due to my family genetics. I was born hearing. If I wanted a deaf child, I would have to be with a deaf guy with a multi-generational deaf family. Mr. Tropical is deaf and has a

  I am going to share my review of the Ergobaby carrier I owned for about two years and half! Also, I have some exciting news about Ergobaby’s latest innovation, the ADAPT baby carrier! I own an original baby carrier in natural color that I received as a baby shower gift three years ago. It was the only carrier I have ever tried and absolutely loved it!   It is amazing in all seasons. It is so comfortable and doesn’t strain my back like I thought it would. Being deaf,

Here is my DIY Hack for the IKEA Latt Table! I am hacking the Latt table to make it easier to clean, to add additional storage, and to match our interior decor style. Once I’ve started taking the parts apart and stain most of the wood parts with Minwax Wood Stain in Special Walnut (One of my favorite wood stain colors! I have a lot of wood items in the house such as this wood ceiling in the bathroom with this wood stain color.) in the garage, I realized that it wasn’t

Remember when I asked you to settle a disagreement between Mr. Tropical and I about the bathroom renovation tile grout a while ago? A majority of you guys voted for grey grout and I was so happy that most of you guys agreed with me instead of Mr. Tropical. 😉 HOWEVER, we settled the disagreement and went with white grout. *gasp* I am so ecstatic that I decided to go with Mr. Tropical’s choice. I will explain why I decided to go with the white grout below.   Here is the link

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