I am going to share my 10 best tips on how to interact with a deaf mom. Maybe you saw a deaf mom at the playground with her kids or maybe you saw her at the preschool drop off. You would love to meet her and spark up a conversation, but you feel nervous. This post was featured on The Huffington Post, so click here to check it out and share away! “Would I get judged? I don’t want to make a fool of myself. She caught me staring at

Here is my Not Shy Apparel review on Eat. Play. Love. “We create confident clothing that allows kiddies to be their true little, unfiltered selves. All of our apparel is designed with the “let them be little” mentality in mind!” – Not Shy Apparel I discovered Not Shy Apparel on Instagram because I spotted sign language on their ‘Eat Play Love’ tee. How wonderful is Instagram for matchmaking deaf parents with companies that are supporting sign language?! I, along with many deaf parents are often looking for clothing items that

What would you do when someone tells you not to sign with your child? My daughter, Coral was learning two languages at the same time, English and American Sign Language (ASL). Lately, she preferred to communicate via ASL and not using her voice to speak.When we go to places, people spoke to her and she replied back in ASL. I went to speak with Coral’s pediatrician at her wellness check up about her speech regression. Going in, I knew that I would probably need to do the research on my

 Today, I am going to share my top 8 decluttering and organizing tips for kids’ rooms. My daughter, Coral’s bedroom is the worst room to declutter and organize in my home. Her books, toys, crafts, and clothes tend to overflow in a short period of time. Our motto in this house is, “Less is More.” We thrive in a minimalistic household, so I go through the decluttering and organizing phase often. I try to declutter and organize every few months, mostly right before birthdays and Christmas to make space for new books/toys/crafts/clothes. If

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