I was given an amazing opportunity to review Revelae Kids cloth snack bags. Revelae Kids sent me Yummi Pouch cloth snack bags set of 3 called ‘Fab.’ It has bright and colorful butterflies, flowers and Moroccan designs. They have various design styles such as Spunky, Flashy, and Sweet for boys and girls! I prefer the Fab set, since my daughter, Coral is obsessed with the flowers and the butterflies nowadays. The cloth snack bags are eco-friendly, PVC-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and lead-free nylon. I love, love, and love the fact that they are reusable

For a typical hearing person, the question whether they will raise a hearing or deaf child is not even on their mind. Yet, for me, I wondered that growing up. I fantasized about raising a deaf child. Having a deaf family to call my own. I knew I would more likely have a hearing child due to my family genetics. I was born hearing. If I wanted a deaf child, I would have to be with a deaf guy with a multi-generational deaf family. Mr. Tropical is deaf and has a

  I am going to share my review of the Ergobaby carrier I owned for about two years and half! Also, I have some exciting news about Ergobaby’s latest innovation, the ADAPT baby carrier! I own an original baby carrier in natural color that I received as a baby shower gift three years ago. It was the only carrier I have ever tried and absolutely loved it!   It is amazing in all seasons. It is so comfortable and doesn’t strain my back like I thought it would. Being deaf,

Here is my DIY Hack for the IKEA Latt Table! I am hacking the Latt table to make it easier to clean, to add additional storage, and to match our interior decor style. The IKEA Latt table had endured a couple of years of dirt, dents, stuck food crumbs, etc. It is hard to remove anything off the wood. So, I thought about taking all of the parts apart to stain/paint and seal them so it would be easier to clean any kind of messes. Once I’ve started taking the parts

Remember when I asked you to settle a disagreement between Mr. Tropical and I about the bathroom renovation tile grout a while ago? A majority of you guys voted for grey grout and I was so happy that most of you guys agreed with me instead of Mr. Tropical. 😉 HOWEVER, we settled the disagreement and went with white grout. *gasp* I am so ecstatic that I decided to go with Mr. Tropical’s choice. I will explain why I decided to go with the white grout below.   Here is the link

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