Today, I will show you a straightforward and easy cardboard pennant banner tutorial I made on a whim. This fabric cardboard pennant banner only took me 15 minutes to make including cutting the letters. You will need: Yarn (string, rope or whichever you prefer). Hot Glue Gun Sharp scissor like this one Two contrasting fabrics of your choice A cardboard piece (from cardboard boxes, cardboard poster, etc)   Start with drawing a pennant banner flag shape on the cardboard piece. Any size you want! Make sure it is big enough to

Did I just say a shopping cart made me Deaf? Yes, I sure did. Here is the story. Few days before Halloween at merely sixteen months old, I licked a shopping cart, among a number of other germy things I put in my mouth. I had flu like symptoms (listless, crankiness, fever, vomiting) and my mom assumed it was the flu but then she realized I started to show different symptoms. I was becoming more and more lethargic and my neck became stiff. My temperature kept on spiking up and

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