Doesn’t this Green Nutrition-Packed Smoothie look like you just want to lick it?! I have made this for years when I need to fulfill my vegetable/fruit servings and get more energy. This smoothie is a great way to cleanse and detox your body, if you need to have more energy and to feel better overall. When I drink this daily, I feel AMAZING! A perfect smoothie for fatigued mothers and fathers, so you can keep up with your kids! Want the recipe? Here it is!   Green Nutrition-Packed Smoothie: Serving 1-2

  “Do you know Braille?” “Can you drive?” “Can you read?” “When you have sex, is it quiet?” “Do you need a wheelchair?” “You are too beautiful to be Deaf.” “Hold my hand, I will help you walk over there.” “I totally understand, my dog is deaf, too!” “Can you hear me?” What about now? Now?!” “I am so sorry you are Deaf!” I have lost count of how many people say they wish they could be Deaf. There are various reasons why they would say that, like the scratching sound on the chalkboard or a

Today, I will share with you how I designed my business cards for only a dollar for my Etsy shop, Coral Home! My partner works in the beer company and he regularly brings home cardboard beer six pack holders. He cut the front design of the packs and sticks them up on the wall in the garage to show off his collection. Since he only used the front design, we had a lot of leftover cardboard pieces. I had this clever idea to cut them to the business cards size.

Here is my Marbled Salt Dough Ball Garland tutorial. I came upon this tutorial to create marbled salt dough gifts over at One Perfect Day blog. There are countless tutorials to create salt dough decoration however I wanted something colorful and unique. The tutorial is specifically for salt dough bracelets/necklaces, but why not make it a salt dough ball garland?!   Anyways, go over to One Perfect Day blog tutorial to view the salt dough recipe. I raved over the marbled color balls! The marbled effect was the reason that doing this project

When I was pregnant, I read up on nearly everything about breastfeeding. However, I was shocked that breastfeeding can  be painful. A few minutes after birth, Coral latched onto my breast right away. She just knew what to do and at that instant, this became our favorite bonding time. She would gaze into my eyes while nursing. I could stare at her face for eternity and think to myself a tiny human being depends on me to feed, nourish and keep her alive. We had an instant connection. She nursed all

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