Growing up, my family was poor. We lived in a mobile home neighborhood. We did not have money to go on a bunch of vacations. Most of my carefree adventures occurred either in the backyard or the neighborhood. In the backyard, I escaped to my own enchanting land on a grand adventure. In the neighborhood, there were a lot of hiding spots for me to hang out. Right now, I could close my eyes and recollect precisely what the neighborhood looked like. I played outside in the mud. I raced

HAPPY NEW YEAR! There are many people with their elaborate bucket lists and/or New Year resolutions with goals they want to achieve in life. I typed my bucket list several years ago and it was quite discouraging to look at it recently. WHY? I realized I have had accomplished nearly nothing in the last several years. For the last few years, I was focusing on my pregnancy, having my daughter Coral & being a stay at home mom. I decided I am going to do it rather opposite this time and

I will share my top 10 childhood stories that will never fade away. I have loads of childhood stories, however, for now, I will share 10 stories. Someone will constantly share a childhood story about you either in family events or whenever you get with your friends for dinner. Maybe you find out that they tell random people stories about you. I love to relive childhood memories when we share our ‘Remember when…’ stories. “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is

Merry Christmas Eve! In the mood to do a fun and simple activity with your children on Christmas Eve? I have a Fingerpaint Christmas Tree Activity tutorial for you! My daughter, Coral enjoyed this activity very much so I know your children will, too! All you need are holiday colored paints, tape & a piece of paper! You can have your kids do this while you finish cooking up a big meal for the Christmas Eve party. Otherwise, join them and make yourself one! [Read more…]

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