My daughter, Coral doesn’t know she has Deaf parents. We have been faking being hearing for a little longer than two years now. We rocked out to the music. We chatted with each other in gibberish. We toss an object across the room and pretended to hear the noise. Out in the public, we nodded every time people spoke to us. Our family and friends knew about our secret plan and they went along with it. When do you think is an appropriate time to inform our daughter that we

Encourage your toddler to expand mental processing and thinking skills with this cognitive development activity. This activity will help your toddler concentrate longer. Additionally, turning the popsicle sticks around to go through the holes help your toddler gain perceptual and spatial abilities. What you need for this activity: Empty carton/container (I used an empty oatmeal container) Popsicle sticks Sharp scissor Optional: You can personalize the container with papers and colors. I left it plain so the container did not distract my daughter from the purpose of this activity. [Read more…]

If you want a sensory activity that keeps your toddler busy playing independently, keep on reading! The benefits of rice sensory activity are improving gross motor skills, exploring all five senses and develop cognitive, literacy, numerical and creativity skills. What more can you ask for? Playing independently AND developing skills? I am game! To make rainbow rice, you will need: Food coloring Plastic bags Uncooked rice There are many different recipes to make colored rice on Pinterest and I went with the simplest one. [Read more…]

DIY Christmas Foam Plates Decoration: An Easy & Cheap Kid Craft Activity! A perfect way to show off your child’s painting skills and celebrate the holidays at the same time.   I did this Christmas foam plates craft with my daughter when she was about 1-year-old. She really enjoyed painting the plates and especially on herself. WARNING: After you have completed the painting activity, remove your child’s clothes immediately and soak the clothes in water to clean the paint off. OR just have your child wear an apron to cover

Teach your toddler about hands with this Thanksgiving hand print hunt game! There are some Thanksgiving turkey hunt games going around and that sounds like a lot of fun. Since my daughter, Coral is 2 years old, she is learning body parts. Why not have her hunt her hand prints instead?! Win-win! [Read more…]

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