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Welcome to Mommy Gone Tropical!

I am Elizabeth.

27 years old. In love with Mr. Tropical for 9 years. Stay at home mommy to Coral, 3 years old by day, blogger by night. We live in Sarasota, Florida. Lastly, I am Deaf.


This blog is about my journey navigating through life as a Deaf mom educating people about Deafness and sign language. You will also see DIY tutorials, activities to do with your children, home projects, and product reviews/giveaways. From time to time, I will have guest posters share their stories.

I rely on American Sign Language to communicate. Mr. Tropical is Deaf, too. We don’t use hearing aids/cochlear implants nor do we speak. Our beautiful daughter, Coral is hearing & she is bilingual in ASL and English. I became deaf at sixteen months old, read more about that here.

Some things I love: Coffee, always coffee. Sunshine. Dogs. Beers. Disney. Seashells. Gardening. Quotes. Make things. Lemons. Photography. Mexican candy. Braided hair. A clean and loving home.

Now, here we are, 9 years together with a daughter, a mortgage, two dogs and annual Disney passes.

I hope you enjoy following me along on my journey!

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