DIY: ‘Wildflower’ Fabric Cardboard Pennant Banner

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Today, I will show you a straightforward and easy cardboard pennant banner tutorial I made on a whim.

This fabric cardboard pennant banner only took me 15 minutes to make including cutting the letters.

DIY: ‘Wildflower’ Fabric Cardboard Pennant Banner

You will need:

  • Yarn (string, rope or whichever you prefer).
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Sharp scissor like this one
  • Two contrasting fabrics of your choice
  • A cardboard piece (from cardboard boxes, cardboard poster, etc)


  1. Start with drawing a pennant banner flag shape on the cardboard piece. Any size you want! Make sure it is big enough to fit the word you want.
  1. Cut the cardboard piece.
  1. Set the main fabric you want for the background on a clean surface and put the banner cardboard on top of the fabric and start tracing the banner on the fabric, but add ½ inch to all sides. That way, the fabric will be able to cover the edges. Hot glue the fabric to the banner, making sure to stretch it to prevent creases.
  1. DIY: ‘Wildflower’ Fabric Cardboard Pennant BannerNow, it is time for the fabric letters! You could find your favorite font, print it out and stencil it on the second fabric of your choice. I prefer to wing it and cut the letters without stenciling beforehand. I like how rough it looks. After you have completed cutting the letters, use hot glue to attach them to the main background fabric.
  1. Hot glue the yarn to the back of the banner.
  1. Lastly, cut another piece of the main fabric to the exact size of the banner and hot glue it to the back.

I used the rainbow washi tape to hang it up on the wall in Coral’s bedroom.

If you made a pennant banner using my instructions, I would love to see the pictures! 😉

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