Do you know a deaf person? Maybe a sign language interpreter? How about a person that has a deaf family member or friend, a person that takes sign language classes, a person that is obsessed with TV shows that show deaf people, or just someone that really love the idea of sign language. American sign language (ASL) is a beautiful visual language, so why not display or show off the language by gifting someone an item from below for the holidays? The majority of the gifts below are from Etsy,

Today I will share the amazing ASL gift ideas for babies and children. Do you still have some holiday shopping to do? How about these gift ideas? Build and learn at the same time with this (1) ASL Alphabet Blocks. Wear the same top as your little one for the holidays with (2) Mommy and Me Tees (I Love You). Decorate your kid’s room with (3) ASL Alphabet Garland to sign the alphabet together. (4) ILY Hand Shape Pillow. Develop many skills such as fine motor skill, cognitive skill, and hand-eye coordination with this

Are you looking for a wreath, a bouquet or even a subscription service to receive a bouquet or a wreath on a regular basis? Then, read on! I was thrilled when Club Botanic sent me this GORGEOUS handcrafted Golden Magnolia Wreath made with real and fresh magnolia leaves all the way from San Francisco!   Now I will list 6 reasons why you need a fresh Club Botanic wreath delivered: Whenever possible, I go environmentally conscious like choosing fresh instead of artificial.     I had been looking for a holiday seasoned wreath for

Can you believe that we have about 44 days left until Christmas? Yes, 44 days! I know almost all of you guys, including me prefer to purchase the toys from the companies we know and trust. I am sure you also prefer the toys to last a long time and will keep your kid entertained for hours. So, today I will talk about the company based in Hallandale Beach, FL called Better Toyz. Here is my quick review and the benefits of Better Toyz. Better Toyz, for Better Play! Our

One year ago today, Mommy Gone Tropical came to life with this very first post. I could not believe I am still here blogging away taking all of you guys along on a breakthrough journey of my first year blogging. Truthfully, I had no idea what I was doing. On a whim, I decided to purchase my domain name, and started working on it. I did not know that there were a lot of ‘rules’ and specific ways to grow. I assumed I could just start a blog and everything will

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